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One year we got to my parents house for St. Patrick’s Day. (What does this have to do with Christmas??? Keep reading!)

My Mom had hidden shamrocks all around the house. She asked all the grandkids how many they could find.

The kids spent a long time searching everywhere to find those shamrocks.

And once they had found them all, they were rewarded with a small prize!

To may surprise, my kids bring up that simple game as one of their favorite holiday traditions all the time.

So I thought, why not turn this into a fun Christmas activity for kids, too?

Let’s try a fun activity called…

Find the Snowmen! A Fun Christmas Hunt Activity

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Honestly, I’m always looking for ways to enjoy some frugal fun!

People think that you have to spend a ton of money to make your Christmas memorable, but it’s just not true.

The only expense here is if you want to have some fun prizes for the winner.  (Or for anyone who finds all the snowmen!  Hooray for perseverance!) 

Prize Ideas

It might be fun to have a prize that’s another activity!  Like these cute snowman ornaments the kids can color themselves.

How adorable are these socks?!

You can find all kinds of Christmas books for kids under $5.  (We’re adding this one to our collection this year.)

My kids absolutely love to win Swiss Rolls or other Little Debbie type snacks.  (It’s a rare treat around here.)

How To Play

The game is pretty simple.

You just create some snowmen and hide them around your home.

Make it as simple (for little guys) or as tricky (for older kids) as you like!

Honestly, I think even older kids could get into this game.  Who doesn’t like a good scavenger hunt?

Everything you’ll need is right here.

The Snowmen

Click here to download your free packet of snowmen!  (Merry Christmas to you from Medium Sized Family.)


The Key

You can choose to give the kids the key (in the packet) so they know which snowmen they need to find. 

Oooor for an extra challenge, just tell them that you’ve hidden 15 snowmen around the house…good luck!