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Your family will never be bored with these large family games on hand. Not only are they a ton of fun, but all of these options allow at least five to play!

That rare moment that you find a board game that everyone in the family can play together is almost magical, isn’t it?

Especially something that everyone actually wants to play…and doesn’t end in tears.

Are we asking too much?

I say…nope!

Large family games are harder to come up with, but happily there are still a lot of options for us.

Most people consider a family of six to be a large family.  

All of the games I’ve listed here will let you play with at least 5 players.  Many of them will let you get all 6 (or more!) people around the table for a good game night.

Ready for the list?

The Best Large Family Games You Can Play

Family board games make family game night with kids more fun than ever. These are the best fun games you can play with children or teens with games that 5 or more players can play together. Your big family will love these board games and card games for quality time together.

The Board Games

These board games for large families let you all play together. 

You may have to help out kids who can’t read yet.  (Sometimes they have a game designed for younger kids, too, and I’ll share that when I can.)

You can find most of these games on Amazon.  (Easy!)  

These are games that either my family has played and loved or that come highly recommended to me by trustworthy people.

So, here goes.

For Families With Older Kids

15ish Minute Games

Catchphrase  I love how easy this one is. Nothing to set up or keep track of except the handheld game that you pass around. Play as many (or few) rounds as you want. about a minute per round

Codenames  People who love spies and speaking in code will love this one. 15 minutes play time

Exploding Kittens  Draw cards until you get the dreaded exploding kitten card.  For people who don’t mind a little crude humor.  Check the Walmart price. 15 minutes to play

Happy Little Accidents For Bob Ross fans, or just people who like to be silly and doodle. Lots of fun for anyone who can draw. 10 minutes play time

30 Minutes Or Less To Play

Ravine  This is a cooperative strategy game.  The family has to work together to survive after a plane crash.  Ages 10+ 15-30 minutes to play

Pointing Fingers  One of the kids got this for Christmas, and they all love it.  It says ages 12+, but our younger kids love it.  (And I’ve never found it inappropriate or anything.) 20 minutes to play

Scattergories  One of our family’s favorite games!  Try to come up with unique ideas for each category, but they all have to start with the letter on the dice.  The more you play, the better you’ll get. 10 minutes to play per round

Cover Your Assets Another one that comes highly recommended. Technically more of a card game. 20-40 minutes play time

Less Than An Hour To Play

Unstable Unicorns (for teens and adults)  Their slogan: Build a unicorn army.  Betray your friends.  Unicorns are your friends now.  (You decide if that’s a fit for your family, but friends tell me this one is hilarious.) 30-45 minutes to play

Encore If your family loves song games as much as ours does, this game will be a hit for sure. 30 minutes to play

Azul is a fun strategy game where you collect tiles (no reading!). 30-45 minutes to play

Pandemic:  If you have the guts to play this one right now, go for it.  😉  At the time of this writing, the Amazon game was at a crazy high price.  Check the Target price instead. 45-60 minutes to play

board game

Ticket To Ride  or Catan These games has been recommended to me a million times, but because it’s on the more expensive side, we have not tried them yet.  🙁  (Update: The price seems to be lower this year, so we can’t wait to try them!) Apparently, it’s a ton of fun to play with the family. 30-60 minutes to play

Telestrations  For families who like to laugh, this game will remind you of “telephone”. 30-60 minutes to play

Clue  The classic game you remember playing as a kid.  (But if you’re like me, you might be thinking “Oh yeah!  I haven’t thought about that game in years!”) 45 minutes playing time

Play All Day If You Want!

Risk  A strategy game where you try to take over the world!  My brothers loved to do battle in this game when we were kids.  And now my own boys love it play.   Younger kids can play, but they may not understand the strategy. 1 to 8 hours to play

board game

Monopoly  I kinda hate to add this one to the list.  It caused so many fights around here that it was banned for years.  But maybe you’re more brave than I am.  Check the Walmart price. Takes an eternity to play. Or maybe 1-2 hours.

Games For Younger Players & Non Readers

Twister You can probably get 5 people on there if you want a real challenge! 10 minutes playing time

Pictionary Air: It’s Pictionary for the digital age. 15-60 minutes playing time

Jenga  No reading required, and as many people can play as you can handle!  Check the Walmart price. 20 minutes playing time

Memory Why not a good old fashioned game of memory? 30 minutes to play (less if you just pull out a few matches!)

Card Games

These cards games don’t take as long to play as many board games do. Plus, if you lose a card or two, it’s usually no big deal!


Spot It  This game is one of our favorites!  You can play 5 different games with the same deck of cards.  And it uses mostly pictures, so even the young kids will get the hang of it. 15 minutes playing time

Skip Bo  Tons of fun.  The kids got this for Christmas and we’ve played it constantly ever since. 20 minutes to play

SKYJO  A super fun numbers card game. One we always love to play! 15-45 minutes to play

Apples To Apples  A game where you try to choose the best card in your hand that goes with the card laid down in front of the judge.  (Knowing the judge well has its perks!)  There’s also a Jr. version.  Check the Walmart price, too. 30 minutes playing time

Zeus On the Loose The kids at our co-op love to sit and play this one! 15 minutes playing time

Slamwich  My kids love this one. And they beat me every time, because I can’t seem to figure out how to yell “Stop, Thief!” in time.  20 minutes playing time

Uno Who doesn’t love a good game of Uno? 30 minutes to play

Phase 10  I have friends who absolutely love this one. 45 minutes playing time

Pictionary (The Card Game)  No drawing required!  That’s a totally different pictionary. 20 minutes to play

Deck of Cards  There are tons of games a family of 5+ can play using just a deck of cards.

  • Spoons
  • Guts
  • Egyptian Rat Screw (you might want to call this something different for the kids)
  • I Doubt It (also known as BS)
  • Rummy
  • Hand and Foot
  • 7s

Forget about boredom!  These games will keep your large family busy for a while.

Which one is your favorite?