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The Medium Sized Family

by | Jul 13, 2015

As a mom to five kids, I am always looking for tips on how to better manage my time and, honestly, all of the “stuff” that comes with a family of our size.  “Our size” being a mom, a dad, and five kids.

I often thought of 4 kids as the big side of a small family, and 5 kids as the small side of a big family.  But truthfully, we are kind of a medium sized family.  We’re big enough to get stares when we go to a sit down restaurant (are they all yours?) and for rude comments when we announce another pregnancy (don’t you know what causes that?).  But too small for our own reality TV show.  Medium sized.  A happy medium.

What is mediumsizedfamily.com all about?

I feel like a lot of attention is there for big families and for families with 2.5 kids, but maybe not quite as much info is out there for those of us in the middle.  I plan to use this blog to record my ideas about how to live and raise a pile of kids.  What works, and what doesn’t work.

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A positive place

These days children are often seen as a burden in our society.  This blog is a place to celebrate our children together in a positive manner.  That doesn’t mean that our kids never drive us crazy!  But in the end we realize that it is worth our time and tears, because our crazy families are full of love.  I hope you will jump in and share your own positive thoughts and ideas throughout this blog!  Thanks so much for reading.