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It’s time for another meal planning Monday!  

I’ve done my meal planning many different ways over the years.  

These days I’m finding it easiest to plan 2 weeks at a time.  

It’s the best mix of fewer trips to the store (which always saves me money) and less work than monthly planning.

As usual, crock pot meals are ruling our days.  But we are also enjoying more grill foods now, too.  

It’s nice to have less hustle in our days now that school is out!


2 Week Meal Plan for early June. Free, frugal menu planning ideas for all meals and snacks. Includes recipes! 2 week menu plan.

If you’re too busy to do much meal planning in this season of your life, I hope that my plan helps to give you some options you can use.


If you’ve had a house full of food and STILL ended up ordering pizza cause you’re too tired to think about what’s for dinner (again)…

It might be time to let someone else take over your meal planning.

And if you can find someone to do it for $5??  Jump on that!

Imagine how much money you’ll save by skipping a pizza night or two…definitely worth the price of the meal planning service.  Especially from the lady who brought all of us those $5 dinners for so many years!

The 2 Week Meal Plan With Everything You Need



(with sides of fresh fruit, cheese or yogurt, and one junk food)


We like to have an afternoon snack each day.  We also have one in the evening either at a ball game or while playing in the backyard. Our snacks and extras include:

  • fresh fruit
  • soft pretzels
  • cookies
  • popcorn
  • s’mores
  • graham crackers
  • candy
  • breakfast bars

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If you’ve got a favorite crock pot meal, be sure to tell me all about it!

Get this complete two week meal plan for June. A June meal plan with all 3 meals plus snacks. This healthy meal plan calendar for June will help you feed your family with menu planning. Meal planning ideas for summer.