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Meal planning is kind of a boring chore.  So why not get more of it done in one sitting?

We both know that getting started is probably the hardest part of planning your menu.

So if you can do it fewer times per month, that’s a win!  That’s why I do my planning for two weeks at a time.

(Let’s face it…the thought of monthly meal planning is a chore.  But weekly meal planning feels like you just got done and now you have to start again?!  Two weeks is perfect.)

Also, who needs the pressure of making a particular meal on a certain day of the week?

Uh-uh.  In my meal planning world, I make a list of meals and pick the one that suits my mood on that day.

2 Week Frugal Meal Plan with All Meals, Snacks, and Recipes

Simple, Cheap Meal Plan For Early March

Oh, and by the way…if you love the idea of saving money (who doesn’t?), you will love this book. 

It’s filled with creative ways you can slash your grocery bill in a hurry.


You’ll definitely want to check out this list of easy make ahead breakfast ideas, too.


  • sandwiches  (PB&J, Nutella, PB&honey, lunchmeat, apple butter)
  • quesadillas
  • leftovers
  • muffins
  • mini pizzas from English muffins
  • toast and scrambled eggs

Supper  (with sides of potatoes, rice, noodles, and fresh cut veggies)

If you need meatless meal suggestions for Lent (or just because!), check out this post.  If you can’t convince the family to go meatless, I can help you with that, too!

Our snacks and extras include

Those are the meals we love and the new ones we can’t wait to try this week!

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What are you eating this week?