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Happy Valentine’s Day!

We have a simple tradition in our home to celebrate the day.  

It’s so cheap and easy that you wouldn’t believe how excited our little ones get. 

Read on to learn more about it (so you can do it next year…heck, do it this year.  It’s so easy you can throw it together now.)

The 5 Ways We’ve Saved Money This Week

Just a reminder for people who love money saving tips…you can read every tip in the series here if you’d like.

Or here’s the short cut…an ebook that makes it easy to read through the tips by category instead of digging through each of the dates.

Your choice!

Part of the 5 ways we've saved money this week series of ways to save money

Valentine’s Day

Ok, so I told you this was easy.  Here’s our tradition.

I simply print off these coupons for each kid.  Then I grab a little $1 box of chocolates for each child.

When they wake up on Valentine’s morning, those things are waiting in their spot at the table.

That’s it!

Family Time

Sometimes it feels like we are involved in too many activities.  But that’s what happens when you have a big family.

Whenever we find time that we are all home together, we love to play board or card games.

Right now Skipbo is our favorite.  (It’s pretty cheap, might be nice to get for an Easter basket.)

But over the weekend, we were ready to get out and do something.

So, in true baseball lover fashion, we hit the batting cages.

You can rent cages by the half hour, or you can buy tokens and just drop in as many as you like.

We have enough hitters that it would probably be worth it to rent a cage.  But since Dad didn’t want to throw 100 pitches, we opted for the tokens.

It ended up being pretty cheap entertainment for 5 kids (6 really…the baby loves to watch them hit!).


We’ve never been cable people.  Sure, we’ve done some streaming services over the years.

But we got tired of the shows on Netflix.

And truth be told, we wanted to be able to watch baseball games.  I miss when they used to be on regular TV.  (And now you know how old I am.  haha)

So we decided to find a way to get live channels.

Sling TV was the best choice…until they stopped carrying Fox Sports.  sigh

Then we moved on to Hulu Live.  Except that they recently hiked their bill up another $10.  

$60 a month for tv wasn’t something we intended to pay.  So we dropped it to the affordable streaming services only.

But baseball starts up again next month and we need to make some decisions about what to do again.

For now, I’m glad to be saving that money.


A friend had some hogs butchered and needed to make room in her freezer.  So she offered me a couple of hams.

Uh, yes please.  Feeding a family of 8 isn’t cheap, and we can definitely take down a giant ham.

We’ve been eating on that all week!

(So far we ate it off the bone the first night, packed some in lunches, and ate it in ham and eggs.  I threw the bone in the freezer so we can have crockpot ham and beans at some point.)


I grabbed a couple of things from Kroger for Valentine’s Day (those chocolates I mentioned earlier, plus our daughter needed some Valentine’s to pass out).

I was passing through the office supplies as I headed to the check out when I saw this:

It was kinda weird, because normally with a price like that it would have some sort of clearance marking, right?

But I thought I’d give it a shot.

And no, it didn’t ring up for 25 cents.  But I asked the cashier to just put it back…instead, he checked the shelf and gave it to me for the quarter.

Kinda cool!  I didn’t have a specific need for it, which doesn’t make it #yearofno approved.

BUT, I figure with all the things I’m involved in, I can definitely use a fancy schmancy notebook, right?

Those are the 5 ways we saved money this week!

Oh, there’s an update on our 2020 goals this week, if you want to see how we did on our huuuuge goal of saving up $10,000 for our water project.

How did you save this week?