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The plague hit our house for a good couple of weeks.

Ok, not the plague.  Something that mocks the flu but doesn’t last quite as long.  Ugh.

(Not Coronovirus, don’t worry.)

Normally that would be a great way to save money on groceries at least.  (I mean, not an ideal way.  But a way none the less.)


for some reason these kids are starving.  

They have real fevers, lots of aches and pains…but they’re asking for crackers.  And soup.  And toast…constantly.

Well, I guess I’m glad they’ve kept their appetites up.

OH, and we also learned that if you order Sprite, Gatorade, chicken noodle soup, tissues, ibuprofen, etc. from Clicklist, they’ll still bring it to you.  And they don’t even wear hazmat suits!

It’s Friday, and time to celebrate the ways, big and small, that we managed to save money this week.

Read through the entire list of ways we’ve saved over the span of several years (this is episode 152, after all) here.

OR take the shortcut and grab the book that has everything sorted by category in one simple place.

Ok, let’s check out the latest ways…

5 Ways We've Saved Money This Week #152 Money saving tips and ideas


My brother in law gave me the name of an insurance broker who got him a great price on his car insurance.

We both have boys who recently turned 16.  And you can imagine what happens to your car insurance rates when you add them to your policy.


Well…this magic broker was able to get us the same amount of insurance for the same price that we had been paying without the 16 year old!

PLUS they gave us a $200+ discount for paying in full.  So I took advantage of that.

All told we saved $1,000 on insurance costs.  Which is pretty incredible.

And it was super easy.  So ask around for an insurance broker in your area and definitely give it a try.


Somehow the brand new baby just turned 1 year old.  (Why does it always happen so fast??)

We have quite enough stuff in our house, and she didn’t care…so we took it easy on gifts.

She got a riding toy that was passed down from a cousin.  And I found this adorable egg toy on Amazon…you wouldn’t believe how much she loves it!

In fact, I think it would be the perfect gift for a wee little one for Easter.

Mediterranean Diet

Hubby and I aren’t getting any younger…so his doctor suggested he try the Mediterranean Diet.

I wasn’t too sure about that.  It sounds expensive, doesn’t it? 

When you first start to Google about it, everyone suggests fancy grains, expensive olives, and a ton of exotic veggies that I’ve never even seen in my local grocery store.

Well forget all that.

At heart (haha, puns), the Mediterranean Diet is about eating your veggies.  And they don’t have to be the fancy ones.

A healthy serving of produce at every meal along with whole grains, beans, cheeses, eggs, and fish is what you’re looking for.

And yes, those things are more expensive than junk food.  But your heart is worth it.

Beyond all that lecturing, it really doesn’t have to cost that much more…you can do this diet on a budget. 

I’ve been buying lots of produce that’s in season.  We’re having roasted root veggies (sweet potatoes, butternut squash, and carrots don’t cost that much).

Canned salmon is super cheap at Aldi, and it made 6 healthy sized salmon burgers that my husband loved.

I’ll probably dig more into this in the near future.

Skipped The Doctor

Yeah, everyone was sick.  But I didn’t load them up and head to the doctor.

They had flu symptoms, but everyone seemed to get over it within 3 or 4 days.  And the best the doctor can do is swab them and offer Tamiflu.

I’m not a fan of that medicine, so it would have been a wasted copay.


Turkey is so cheap in November that I often buy at least 2.  Then I make one around Thanksgiving time, and save the other for February.

Well because we were all sick, it became a March turkey this year.  (Still tasted delicious!)

After eating a nice turkey dinner, I pulled the rest of the meat and put it in a container in the fridge.

Then I boiled the bones along with the carrot peels from dinner and made a nice turkey stock.  It simmered most of the evening.

The next night, we had a delicious turkey noodle soup using that homemade stock.  Yum!

And we still have leftover turkey!  I’ll probably freeze it so we don’t get too tired of it.

Those are the ways we saved money this week!

Hey, I pulled together a meal plan so you can feed your family on just $75 for the week.  Click here to read all about it.

How did you save this week?