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I saw a meme today that said (I’m gonna clean it up a little) “Being in quarantine is crazy.  One day you’re cleaning baseboards with Q-Tips and the next day you’re in a bathrobe watching squirrels out the window.  There’s no in between.”

And I thought “Oh!  It’s not just me!”

(Is it you, too?)

Well, let’s try for a little normalcy, shall we?

The 5 Ways We’ve Saved Money This Week

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Hey, if you haven’t grabbed a copy of the 500 Ways To Save Money book, I honestly think now is the perfect time to do it.  It’s all the tips we used to save money during our #yearofno.

It’s from a period of time when we voluntarily didn’t go shopping unless we absolutely had to.  So we had to learn to make do for more than 2 looong years.

You can see why it might be a good resource for you right now!  Get your copy here.

On to the ways…


The baby doesn’t know she’s not allowed to grow right now, so I had to do a little shopping for her.

We’re getting that weird weather right now where it’s almost summer one day, then almost winter the next.  So she needed some short sleeved options.

The thing is, this is the time of year I typically do my shopping from The Children’s Place online anyway.  They have a lot of clothes that cost the same as what I pay at the thrift store.  (Yes, really!)

And they have free shipping on every single order right now.

So if you need clothes for your kiddos, check them out first.


It’s a special holiday (to make an understatement) and it wasn’t the same this year for sure.

But we made the best of it.

I made our usual Easter brunch meal.  And I also made a nice ham dinner.

Ham was 89 cents per pound!

After Sunday we used the leftovers in ham & eggs, ham and chicken cordon bleu casserole, lunch leftovers.

It’s one of my family’s favorites, so they just don’t tired of it.

Is this the best Easter picture EVER? I mean, I think so, but I’ll let you decide…

Work Perk

Hubby is still working (from home).  His company decided that, instead of the usual company wide Easter egg hunt, they would pass out a cookie kit and had a couple of other fun things kids could do at home.

It was very sweet.  And the kids enjoyed the car ride!

(That’s a weird thing that we say now, I guess.)

Dining In

Everyone on FB seems to be sharing photos of the food they’re ordering.

In Ohio, they made carry out alcoholic drinks from restaurants legal, so now even more people seem to be getting meals to go.

So far, we have managed to stick with the food we have at home.  We haven’t even ordered pizza!

(If you’re new around here, ordering pizza is my big temptation.  It’s the cheapest way to feed a hungry family of 8.)


There are some things that are just hard to find right now.

Yeast.  I would love to find a pack of yeast somewhere.  But none of the stores I’ve been to have it.

(I did find a pack of napkins this week, which was really exciting!)

But meat is probably the toughest thing right now.

I found a few bargains, though.

Our Meijer was selling hams this week at 89 cents per pound, no limit!

Well, our freezer limited us to getting only one, unfortunately.  I think we need a bigger deep freeze.  It’s kind of small and isn’t as full of meat as you’d think.

Sam’s Club still has their big bags of frozen chicken breasts for $1.70 per pound so far.

Thankfully the egg shortage seems to be over in our area.

I’ll let you know what other protein ideas I come up with next week.  (Assuming I can get to my computer…5 kids schooling from home has put quite the cramp in my blogging habit!)

That’s how we saved this week!

Hope your week has gone well and that you had a wonderful Easter!

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