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I call myself a stay at home mom, but between volunteering at school, keeping up with our family’s schedule, and running a blog, “stay at home” has a pretty loose definition.  Like always, when things get busy you can expect even more things to go wrong.  Busy begets busy.

So I’m making it a point to take at least one walk per day and literally blowing off steam whenever I can.  This article has some good ideas that I intend to try today!  (Good thing I have bananas on hand!)

On Fridays at Medium Sized Family, we like to spend some time thinking of the ways we saved money that week.  Even though life has been totally nuts, we managed to find a few money saving ideas in there!

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Ideas for saving money so you can pay off debt or spend on the things you want the most.


We had our annual big family camping trip last weekend.  We were able to use the supplies we’ve had for years.  Since we split the menu, I made sure to sign up for as many items that I already had on hand as possible.  We resisted the miniature golf and had free fun hanging out with the family instead.  Our only big costs were the campsite, and that costs nearly nothing when you split it between families!


Here it is, the year of #pressingon when we are trying not to spend excess money…and we’ve been to not one but two concerts!  Crazy!  We never ever go to concerts, but we chose this year to start.

The first one was our Christmas gift to each other.  This time, Hubby was bummed because Bob Seger was coming to town for the first time in 30 years…and probably the last time.  He really wanted to go.

So I used some blog proceeds over the summer to get him surprise tickets.  We sat up in the cheap seats, but he can say he was there!  And I even got him a discounted shirt on the way out.  (That should do for Christmas…right??)  🙂


When do kids outgrow waiting until the night before to tell you they need to dress up like a greaser the next day?  Luckily our neighbor had a leather jacket we could borrow!  No emergency runs to the thrift store for us.

Hospital Food

It’s that time of year again, unfortunately, and our son is suffering migraines.  We had an unexpected hospital stay and we had to find a lunch. We chose a frugal option, and Hubby skipped the temptation to buy food and stuck with what he’d packed for work.  It’s tough when the cafeteria offers so many yummy (expensive) foods!


You may have noticed that things haven’t been as consistent on the blog lately.  I’m really struggling to find the time to blog these days. When I find the time to sit down to write, I have trouble quieting my mind and settling in to the task.

This week, I decided to figure out what I can do about that.  Happily, I found a free solution!  This music (which is labeled for concentration and productivity) worked like a charm!  If you have a mental task to complete, I highly recommend it.

Those are the 5 ways we saved this week!

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How have you saved money lately?