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Looking for a Blooms and Berries coupon for 2018? Here it is! Also, check out our review and learn how to get the most from your trip to Fall On the Farm!

It took our family years to find a pumpkin farm we all enjoy.  We tried Blooms and Berries on a friend’s recommendation a few years ago…and it was an instant hit!

It’s become our family’s favorite fall destination in the Greater Cincinnati area.

Here’s why we love this farm so much.  So when they offered our family the chance to visit for free, I jumped at it!  And (my money saving friends!) I have a coupon to share with you, too!

An Honest Blooms and Berries Review

Learn why Blooms and Berries is the best pumpkin patch in the Greater Cincinnati area!

The first thing I love about Blooms and Berries is the flat rate at the door.  Some places charge you for each individual thing the kids want to do.  And if they really love something, you get to pay for them to try it out over and over.

Not at Blooms and Berries!  Once you pay to get in, you’re free to enjoy nearly everything there at no extra cost!

And believe me, there’s plenty to keep you busy all afternoon long.

They recommend you block two hours to spend at Blooms and Berries.  But I can tell you right now that your kids will beg to stay twice that long!

Some of our favorite parts are:

The Corn Maze

Every year the corn maze is in a fun new shape!

Blooms & Berries in Loveland corn maze

The beauty of the maze is that they have a small version for young kids (and tired parents).

But they also have a big version that you can spend 30 to 45 minutes wandering through.  You’ll have a mystery to solve, so make sure you find all the clues!

My recommendations for the maze:  Take water with you!!  Every time I seem to forget this and I always regret it.

Also, choose someone great at reading maps and let them mark your path with a pen.  This is the first year our 11 year old took the lead, and he was able to solve the mystery in record time!

You can take strollers through the maze.  They’ll fit, but you’re nearly guaranteed to pick up some mud along the path.  This is a farm, after all!

Hay Ride

You can’t skip the hay ride!  Tractors take off regularly, so the wait isn’t too long.  The kids will love spotting the fun forest cut outs along the path to pick out your very own pumpkin!  (Pumpkins are sold by the pound, but the hay ride is free with admission!)

Farm Animals

We’re lucky enough to have goats and chickens at home.  But that doesn’t mean we don’t love to see them other places, too!  We were able to also see donkeys, turkeys, and other fun farm animals.

Fun Activities!

These photos show you only some of the fun activities your kids can enjoy during Blooms and Berries Fall On the Farm!  It’s a beautiful place to let your kids run and enjoy themselves on a fall afternoon.

Yummy Treats

Fall in Cincinnati means you could be feeling summery on Saturday…and rubbing up against wintertime temps on Sunday.  But don’t worry, because you’ll find the right treat for any weather!

We were lucky enough to visit on a very warm fall day.  That meant ice cream for everyone!

I passed up the temptation to try the apple cider float this time (baby #6 isn’t liking dairy right now…pout!).

But on a cold day, a hot spiced cider would sure be hard to resist!

Blooms and Berries Coupon (And a Hot Tip!)

Get a coupon for $2 off any Monday through Friday trip.  Our family loves to head to Blooms and Berries on one of those random “teacher in service” types of days off of school.  We always love the smaller crowds… and with this coupon, now it’s even more affordable!

Don’t let fall fly by without enjoying Blooms and Berries Fall On the Farm!!

This fall tradition is a family favorite in our house…and will soon be in your’s, too!

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Have you visited Blooms and Berries yet?