Blooms & Berries: A Review of Fall On the Farm (And A 2018 Coupon That Will Make You Happy!)

Looking for a Blooms and Berries coupon for 2018? Here it is! Also, check out our review and learn how to get the most from your trip to Fall On the Farm!

It took our family years to find a pumpkin farm we all enjoy.  We tried Blooms and Berries on a friend’s recommendation a few years ago…and it was an instant hit!

It’s become our family’s favorite fall destination in the Greater Cincinnati area.

Here’s why we love this farm so much.  So when they offered our family the chance to visit for free, I jumped at it!  And (my money saving friends!) I have a coupon to share with you, too!


20 Inexpensive Thank You Gift Ideas (Because You Treasure All They Do!)

Inexpensive thank you gift ideas are just what you need to keep your volunteers going. They’re amazing, and they need to know it!

We all know that one person who works tirelessly to volunteer and give, give, give.  If you’re lucky, several people come to mind!  They don’t do it for money or appreciation.  But you know what?  Appreciation never gets old.

You don’t have to give them a gift card for a fancy restaurant.  Little touches go a long way when it comes to brightening someone’s day.

And if you’re tasked with getting a pile of thank you gifts for everyone who volunteered at the school this year, no worries. This list should help you get the job done and stay inside the budget!

20 Inexpensive Thank You Gifts

So even if you’re pinching pennies or going through a #yearofno, you can still find ways to make the good people in your life feel valued.  After all, no one likes the division in people that’s in the news every day.  You can bring people together, and it has to start in our small communities.


Canvas On Demand Review: How Is The Quality?

Canvas On Demand Review: How Is The Quality?

Use this Canvas On Demand review to learn if this photo company creates a good quality product. Find out how long it takes you to create a beautiful canvas.

Are you looking for a good quality canvas print of your family photo?  Need a gift for your favorite artist?  Then this Canvas On Demand review is just for you!

I received a free canvas from Canvas On Demand in return for my review.  All opinions are my own.

Family pictures are a hassle.  You have to book a photographer, find outfits for everyone, get through the day without tears, then remember to order your prints. 

Even after all that…most of us probably have files of family photos that we never got around to printing.  Which is a shame, because time moves quickly. 

Thanks to the magic of the internet, ordering a beautiful canvas of your favorite pictures is easier and more affordable than ever!  

So whether you paid for digital copies of prints or you have your own favorite pics you shot with your phone, you can create a canvas that is just the right size for your home.


35 Cool Things Under 10 Dollars That Will Feel Like a Good Gift

35 Cool Things Under 10 Dollars That Will Feel Like a Good Gift

This list of cool things under 10 dollars basically guarantees that everyone will be talking about your gift! And no one will realize how little you spent. Win/win!

Whether you’re ready to make a little splurge on yourself or you need a gift idea that fits into your budget, you can’t go wrong with anything on this list of cool things under 10 dollars!

Get the most bang for your buck and find some unique ideas in this list of cool things under 10 dollars.  You’re sure to find something here that matches the gift exchange themes your group set up this year!


9 Funny Picture Books Sure To Be A Hit For All Ages!

9 Funny Picture Books Sure To Be A Hit For All Ages!

Inside:  A whole list of funny picture books that kids love to hear. Bonus for parents, because you can read all of these books without powering through boredom!

*this post contains affiliate links

One of the first things I did after learning that we were expecting our first child was to buy a few books.  Casey at the Bat and Sing Sophie were favorites to read to my belly bump! Besides, we weren’t chasing small kids yet and had plenty of time on our hands.

Reading to small kids is important for many reasons.  If you can get kids interested in books at a young age, they are more likely to enjoy reading when they are older.  As for our family, we love to laugh!  So funny picture books are among our top choices.

Here are some of our favorite, time tested, funny picture books.

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What To Get Mom For Her Birthday That Will Warm Her Heart

What To Get Mom For Her Birthday That Will Warm Her Heart

Figure out what to get Mom for her birthday! It’s gotta be something special, and you’re sure to find just the right choice here that will warm her heart.

Moms have so many decisions to make all day every day.  What will we eat for three meals?  What should everyone wear today?  How much TV is too much?  Can we buy this thing/have someone over/go somewhere?

Sometimes the best gift of all is to not have to make any decisions!

So keep that in mind when you try to figure out what to get Mom for her birthday this year!


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