Chores for Kids By Age And How To Make It Work (This Time!)

Grab your free printable chart of chores for kids by age here. And if you have your doubts about this chart working, you need these tips for success!

Is it a constant struggle to get your kids to help out around the house?

It’s true that we keep ourselves busy worrying over details that, in the long run, just don’t matter.  In the chaos of life, just doing everything yourself is easier.

But is it better?

Guys.  Getting your kids to learn responsibility is a fight worth having.

But don’t worry!  I’ve got some tips that will make this fight a little less of a battle on both sides.

It’s all about setting realistic expectations of the right household chores for kids and following through.

Here’s how to do it.


32 Modern Homesteading Ideas You Need That Will Save Money

If you’re curious about greater self sufficiency, these modern homesteading ideas are perfect for beginners! Get all the how tos for getting started on your homesteading journey, plus advice to help you afford the start up costs.

Homesteading isn’t for everyone, but everyone can implement parts of homesteading into their lives.  Many of us crave a simple life in this busy world!

So today, let’s talk about some big and small modern homesteading ideas you can put into place to make at least some part of your life simpler.

Which parts of this list will help you do more with your own hands?

32 Modern Homesteading Ideas You Need That Will Save Money


The Parenting Tip That Will Stop The Sense of Entitlement

Kids are filled with a sense of entitlement these days. Luckily, the answer is a simple solution you can read about here.

Our 9 year old decided that he wants–no, needs to own a fidget cube.

My Mom had bought small fidget spinners for my older two boys, and she offered to get one for him, too.  But he wanted a slightly different model for himself.  Trouble is, he had spent all of his money on a giant Lego set months ago and hadn’t refilled his piggy bank since then.

Part of me wanted to plop down the money for the toy and let him have it.  After all, it’s only a few dollars.  Even in our #yearofno it wouldn’t be much to spend.  And who can turn down a cute face asking for such a small thing?


20 Inexpensive Thank You Gift Ideas (Because You Treasure All They Do!)

Inexpensive thank you gift ideas are just what you need to keep your volunteers going. They’re amazing, and they need to know it!

We all know that one person who works tirelessly to volunteer and give, give, give.  If you’re lucky, several people come to mind!  They don’t do it for money or appreciation.  But you know what?  Appreciation never gets old.

You don’t have to give them a gift card for a fancy restaurant.  Little touches go a long way when it comes to brightening someone’s day.

And if you’re tasked with getting a pile of thank you gifts for everyone who volunteered at the school this year, no worries. This list should help you get the job done and stay inside the budget!

20 Inexpensive Thank You Gifts

So even if you’re pinching pennies or going through a #yearofno, you can still find ways to make the good people in your life feel valued.  After all, no one likes the division in people that’s in the news every day.  You can bring people together, and it has to start in our small communities.


The School Fundraising Idea That Will Make Parents Happy

The School Fundraising Idea That Will Make Parents Happy

Do you need a school fundraising idea? This one is even great for sports or youth groups.  If you hate to sell things but need to raise money, you’ll love this simple idea!

If your children are involved in any activities at all, then I bet you are tired of fundraising!  In one short time, we were asked to sell cookie dough and pies for the school, candles for band, pizza and flowers for the sports team, and raffle tickets for the church.

If we participated in every fundraiser we were asked to do, our family would never want to see us again!


Canvas On Demand Review: How Is The Quality?

Canvas On Demand Review: How Is The Quality?

Use this Canvas On Demand review to learn if this photo company creates a good quality product. Find out how long it takes you to create a beautiful canvas.

Are you looking for a good quality canvas print of your family photo?  Need a gift for your favorite artist?  Then this Canvas On Demand review is just for you!

I received a free canvas from Canvas On Demand in return for my review.  All opinions are my own.

Family pictures are a hassle.  You have to book a photographer, find outfits for everyone, get through the day without tears, then remember to order your prints.  Most of us probably have files of family photos that we never got around to printing.  Which is a shame, because time moves quickly.  We should hang those pictures up where we can enjoy them!

So why not blow the dust off of that SD card and order a beautiful canvas print?  Many phones take beautiful photos that are worthy of being hung in your home.  Photo canvases can be done affordably.