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Do you need a school fundraising idea? If you hate to sell things but need to raise money for your group or organization, you’ll love this simple idea!

If your children are involved in any activities at all, then one thing is for sure… you are tired of fundraising!  

In one quarter of school, you might be asked to sell cookie dough and pies for the school, candles for band, pizza and flowers for the sports team, and raffle tickets for the church.

If you participated in every fundraiser you were asked to do, your family would never want to see you again!

It’s not that any of these organizations are bad.  Activities and giving require money.  And there are a lot of fantastic fundraisers out there. 

But what we really need is a way to raise money that doesn’t demand that we sell stuff to our loved ones.

That’s why I was thrilled when a friend introduced me to Funds2Orgs.  This company will help you raise funds without asking anyone to give you a dime.  And you’ll be helping out another worthy cause in the process!

Talk about the perfect fundraiser!

How Does It Work?

This simple fundraising idea is just right for groups that hate to sell. Need to raise funds, but tired of selling to loved ones all the time? What if there was a way to raise money without costing friends and family a dime? Check this out!

Rather than asking for money, you’ll ask friends, family, and community members to donate their gently worn, used and new shoes. 

We’re talking about those shoes your kids outgrew before they wore them three times.  Or the shoes you bought for that special occasion… but you’ll probably never wear again.

As long as you have a matching pair of gently worn, used and new shoes, Funds2Orgs can use them!  

  • Sneakers
  • Flip flops
  • Dress shoes
  • Cleats
  • Child or Adult Sizes

For groups that don’t want to sell and don’t want to put cash up front, Funds2Orgs is the perfect solution to raise the money your group needs!

What’s Makes Funds2Orgs So Special?

Funds2Orgs is a company that wants your fundraiser to be a success!  Not only will they set up a special website just for your group, but they’ll provide you with additional help and marketing materials throughout your fundraiser.  

You’ll get a live team of fundraising coaches, checklists, strategies, ideas, and tips to give your group the most success.

If the fundraising coaches learn about something that’s working in another town, they’ll share that method with you so you can try it, too.

If you can supply the place to store the shoes as they come in, Funds2Orgs supplies the rest of what you’ll need. That includes bags and pick up of the footwear!

Your loved ones are probably tired of buying another useless gadget to show support for your child.  But most of them have at least one pair of shoes taking up space in a closet.  That makes Funds2Orgs a simple school fundraising idea.

The best part is that Funds2Orgs will then use these shoes to help micro-entrepreneurs in developing countries with the inventory they need for their small businesses so they can pull themselves out of .  So your shoe gift keeps on giving!

Baseball fundraiser

Once you’ve decided on a goal, you’ll use the materials they send you to get the word out.  Use social media to ask friends and family to spread the word.  Set up boxes throughout your community to make collecting as easy as possible.

When you reach the end of your fundraising period, Funds2Orgs will send one of its trucks to collect all of the shoes. Then they’ll cut you a check based on the weight of the footwear.

School fundraiser

How Do I Get Started With My School Fundraiser?

It’s as easy as providing some basic information here.

I love how friendly this company is to work with!  You won’t feel pressured to start your fundraiser before you’re ready.  So don’t hesitate to get more information from them so your group can decide if this is the right fundraiser for you.

If your group needs simple fundraising ideas, but hates to sell things, Funds2Orgs may be just right for you!

What a relief to find a way to raise the funds you need without begging your loved ones for more money!  In fact…they’ll probably thank you for the extra closet space.

Click HERE to begin your “no begging for money” fundraiser today!

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The School Fundraising Idea That Will Make Parents Happy
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The School Fundraising Idea That Will Make Parents Happy
Do you need a school fundraising idea? This one is even great for sports or youth groups.  If you hate to sell things but need to raise money, you'll love this simple idea!
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