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Living Frugal Ideas: 30 Simple Tips For Saving Money In Hard Times

Living Frugal Ideas: 30 Simple Tips For Saving Money In Hard Times

These living frugal ideas will teach you how to get your life straight when hard times hit.

This might seem a little random, but hear me out.

Recently, I read A Tree Grows In Brooklyn (if you haven’t read this, you definitely should…it’s a great way to get perspective on how blessed you really are) and I wanted to share this passage:

“The Nolans practically lived on that stale bread…take a loaf of stale bread, pour boiling water over it, work it up into a paste, flavor it with salt, pepper, thyme, minced onion, and an egg (if eggs were cheap), and bake it in the oven. When it was good and brown, she made a sauce from half a cup of ketchup, two cups of boiling water, seasoning, a dash of strong coffee thickened it with flour and poured it over the baked stuff. It was good, hot, tasty, and staying.”

Beer bread recipe

“They lived mostly on these things made from stale bread, and condensed milk and coffee, onions, potatoes, and always the penny’s worth of something bought at the last minute, added for fillip.”

I know it’s not popular, but perspective is probably the most important thing you can get if you really want to save money.

Begin with that in mind, and these living frugal tips will save your budget.


Living A Simple Life With Little Money

Learn how living a simple life with little money can change your life in the best possible way.

Admit it: watching the price of even the most basic foods at the grocery store rise every single week has made you consider becoming Amish.

Yeah, me, too.

Ok, so maybe that’s a little drastic. But there has to be a way to simplify things at least a little bit.

Because the cost of everything isn’t going down any time soon, the time to change some of your spendy habits is definitely now.

This doesn’t have to be painful! In fact, I’ve found that simplifying many parts of life has made me feel less anxious and more fulfilled (while saving our family budget).

Here are some things I definitely think you’ll want to try.


How To Live On Nothing: Calm Your Fears, ‘Cause You Can Do This!

How to live on nothing: When you have no income and you aren’t sure how you’ll get by, here’s some help. Learn how to thrive when you have no money.

Boy have I got a treat for you today!

But first, some background…

There’s a special Facebook group for people who are embracing a life of frugal living.

(You don’t have to love being frugal all the time. A lot of us are living it either by choice or by necessity. And in this group, we think positively, share ideas, and most importantly… cheer each other on.)

(You can request to join here!)

If you’re lucky enough to be a part of the Frugal Living And That #Yearofno Life Group, then you definitely know Belinda.

She’s always sharing amazingly creative ideas for living on next to nothing.

What an inspiration she has been to me (and so many others!).

So…I asked if she would kindly write up a post or two for the blog.

Here’s what she came up with.  (I think you’ll love it!)


5 Ways We’re Making Food & Supplies Last Longer

With stores struggling to keep food on the shelves, we’re finding ways to make food last longer. Try these simple tips at home!

This post began as tips for making it through the pandemic, when grocery store shelves were bare and rationing was in effect.

These days, inflation at the grocery store is a bigger problem.

So if you’re looking for ways to cut costs at the grocery store, check out these ideas.


How To Make Frugal Family Living Work For You

Wondering if frugal family living can work for you? Here’s how to make the frugal life work with your kids (without feeling deprived!).

Boy, did it feel good to step out of that car and stretch our legs.

That rest stop came at just the right time after a couple of hours of driving time.

And our kids couldn’t wait to get to the special treats they’d packed in their lunches that morning.

(Getting in a little kickball time before we had to hit the road again didn’t hurt either!)

While we are a frugal family, that doesn’t mean any of us have to feel deprived.

In fact, a lot of the things we do in daily life are simple enough.

And in the long run, things like stopping for a picnic lunch instead of drive thru kids meals saves us money, sure…

But it makes our lives richer in other ways, too!

(Extra time together, fresh air, and better health spring to mind.)