5 Ways We’ve Saved Money This Week #149

I got to spend the weekend with my son in Washington D.C.  We went with a church group, so we were able to both go for very little cost (thanks to fundraising).

What an amazing trip!

We got to see so much, including going up to the top of the Washington Monument.

That wasn’t open when our family vacationed there back in the summer of ’18, so we really enjoyed those views.

And spending so much one on one time with my sixteen year old was wonderful, too.


5 Ways We’ve Saved Money This Week #148

Why hello there!

I think it’s high time the 5 ways series makes a comeback to Medium Sized Family.  Don’t you?

I know this is one of your favorite things to read on the blog.  And I have always loved writing them.

It’s great for keeping me going on tough weeks.  And I always need a reminder of what’s going right.

(Don’t we all??)

Last year was a rough one.  And when things finally settled down, I decided to tackle a big blogging project that I’ve always dreamed of doing.

But…since I’ve never done it before, there was a steep learning curve.  And the whole thing took a lot longer than I ever thought it would.  (Big announcement coming soon!)

Then we started the 30 Day #Brightsaver Challenge (which, by the way, you can totally still join and not worry about being “behind” or anything). And that took some figuring out, too.

But NOW…here we are.  Back at the 5 ways posts.

Are you ready for this?


5 Ways We’ve Saved Money This Week #147

This stack of movies caught my eye as I headed to check out at the library on Wednesday.

My boys are big Star Wars fans, so I picked up one or two of those movies.  And there was the live action Cinderella video that I knew my daughter would love, too.  

Then I noticed that all of the movies were Disney movies…and that’s when I realized what my library had done.

They were showcasing what was basically a free version of Disney+! 

I had to laugh.

It’s so smart!  And hopefully people will take advantage of this and save on one more monthly bill.


5 Ways We’ve Saved Money This Week #146

You guys seems to love these 5 ways we saved posts as much as I do!  And you may have noticed that there haven’t been as many of them lately.

Well, that’s because behind the scenes, I’ve been working my tail off to create something I think will be so helpful in your money saving journey!

Because we are all huge fans of saving money, right?

And one part of the budget that we frugal fanatics love to see how low we can go is…

…groceries.  (Of course!)

So be on the look out for more information about this soon!

(If you really can’t wait to hear more, join the waiting list and be the first to know when it’s ready!)


5 Ways We’ve Saved Money This Week #144

Sometimes it really strikes you how much the little actions you take every day add up to something big.

Take packing a lunch, for instance.  Seems like an annoying thing you “have to” do.

But if you think about it, you’re saving maybe $5 every day by packing that lunch.

Over the course of a year you’ll save $1250!!  (Not counting weekends and 2 weeks for vacation time you may or may not have…)

What you’re doing matters!  I see you working every day…and I think you rock.  🙂