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Inside:  Funny Christmas tags are awesome, because you get to give them the gift of humor…plus whatever you bought. Grab these totally free printables!

Christmas gift tags are one of those things that doesn’t cost that much to grab at a dollar store.  But why not save a buck where you can?  And be honest…when was the last time you stopped at the dollar store and spent only a dollar?

That’s why I love to find free printable Christmas gift tags whenever I can.  This year, I decided to try my hand at making some of my own.  Since my family loves to joke and play, why not use funny Christmas tags?

No decent blogger can create something like this and keep it to themselves.  So I’m sharing with you.  Feel free to choose any of your favorites below to download and print yourself.

Free Printable Funny Christmas Tags

Before you click the tags below, you have GOT to check out this awesome gadget.  It makes anything into a sticker!  You could print off freebies like these tags and turn them into a STICKER!  

(Don’t worry, it’s actually a LOT cheaper than you think it is.)

Imagine all the cool Christmas gifts (heck, imagine the gag gifts!  You could put your face on EVERYTHING.  Or…put THEIR face on EVERYTHING!)

Am I too excited about this? 


The Tags

It’s my Christmas gift to you!

Click a picture to open a printable pdf.  Please remember that these are free for your own personal use only!  Merry Christmas!

These funny Christmas tags are totally free to print. It's like a little bonus gift for them! (And you!)  These funny Christmas tags are totally free to print. It's like a little bonus gift for them! (And you!)

Since you like saving money, don’t miss my list of Cheap Christmas Gifts that appeal to a wide audience.

14 Cheap Gift Ideas Guaranteed to Be Winners. Need cheap gift ideas for your Yankee Swap, Dirty Santa, White Elephant, or whatever you call it? These gifts also work for teachers, coworkers, or anyone you want to show some appreciation to (without going into debt). Some different ideas here.

How have you saved a dollar this Christmas season?