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Shopping for furniture for large families is hard! Luckily, we’ve found pieces big enough for everyone without a huge price tag. Check them out!

That cute little dining room table for four.

The couch you saw on a great sale…that seats 3.

It’s beautiful!  You know, if you have a typical family size.

Why is it so hard to find furniture for large families?

The kind of furniture that fits everyone

That’s durable enough to withstand many kids. (Even the kid or two who can’t seem to stop themselves from playing a wild combination of “the floor is lava” and “earthquake!”)

And you don’t have a fortune to spend on it, either.

While this seems like a tall order to fill, you can definitely find furniture for your big family.  You just have to know where to look.

(Here.  You have to look right here in this post.)  😉

These are the best tips from Moms who have been there.

The Best Large Family Furniture Ideas

Do you need cheap furniture that will fit everyone in your large family home? These ideas will be the perfect fit (and stay in your budget!).

The Large Family Living Room

You’ll probably start your search looking for the best couch for a large family.

An L shaped sectional is an obvious choice for a lot of kids.  If you have a larger budget and the proper living room set up, this could work perfectly for your family.


This Archdale Sectional Sofa seats 6


Caswell Sectional Sleeper Sofa

Have this Homelegance Sofa delivered from Amazon!

Or grab this microfiber set for even more room!

On the other hand, if a sectional seems like an invitation to your children to hold a daily couch hurdling event, there are other options.

Choose one oversized couch (this one has awesome reviews!) and use these floor pillows.  Some of our kids always prefer to lay on the floor, even when there is couch space available!

How to Add Seating to a Dining Table

Add these benches to your kitchen table to squeeze in a few more bodies!  

This bench is unfinished and comes at a lower price tag.  It could be perfect for people who want just the right look. 

Quick note about DIY jobs:  If you already own everything you need to finish furniture, you can find amazing bargains! 

But if you have to buy materials and don’t love DIY work, consider buying what you want outright.

(You have no idea how many projects I have that I thought I would get to.  How much money did I waste trying to chase a bargain?  It’s awful!)

Big Dining Room Tables


Affordable big dining table seats 6-8


Ellington Counter Height Extendable Dining Table


Beachem Extendable Solid Wood Dining Table

Bunk Beds

Bunk beds are an obvious choice for large family furniture.  But did you know how many options there are?

We chose this loft bed for our daughter so she would have her own space under her bed.  It’s held up very well, even when she shares it with an overnight friend!

She shares a room with her infant sister, and this allows them both to have space.

Three of our boys share a room, and for them we built a twin over full bunk bed.  You can do this using a simple set of plans such as these.

But if you don’t have the time or desire for going the DIY route, try these ideas instead:


Simple (affordable) twin over twin bunk beds.


Hardwood twin over twin bunk beds.


TRIPLE twin bunk beds!


Twin over full sized beds


Twin over full sized beds with an extra trundle bed



Twin over full with extra storage


Full over full sized bunk beds


There’s even a full over queen sized bed!


Clothes storage is huge for large families!  There’s always too much laundry no matter how you declutter.

You might want to consider using the family closet ideas in this post about ways to organize your large family in a small house.

Here are some dressers that store more.


The Versa 8 Drawer Double Dresser


Columbia 7 Drawer Dresser


5 Drawer Universal Dresser


South Shore Step One 6 Drawer Dresser

International Concepts Dresser – Unfinished for the DIYer

Clothes Hamper

Now, what to do about those dirty clothes?  Keep them from spilling all over the floor with an extra large hamper!

Xtra Large Hamper Collapsible Basket


Want something a little more sturdy?  This bamboo hamper has a removable liner for easy cleaning.

This heavy duty hamper even has wheels!


And I just love the look of this large laundry hamper!

Homework or Home School Space

It’s time for homework, and everyone needs to get it done at the same time.

You could let them take over your dining room table again, but that always means moving projects when it’s time to eat.

What you really need is a space that several kids can use at once.

Here are some options.

Get each child a lap desk and let them work wherever they want.

Grab a two person desk and get double the space.

Or this L shaped desk may fit your space better while leaving plenty of room to work!

These large family furniture solutions are the best way to make the whole family feel at home!

See? You really can find cute furniture at a good price that actually fits your family’s lifestyle.  🙂

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What furniture is a must in your large family home?

Your large family home isn't complete until you have furniture for the whole family.  This stuff holds up well, fits your budget (it's totally affordable!), and best of all, you can keep the whole family together without pulling out the folding chairs!