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Looking for a grocery challenge that’s a little more fun than your typical “no spend grocery month”? Try a different way to lower your grocery budget.

“What is this??” you ask everyone in the family, using your best Clair Huxtable voice.  “Because it looks like someone took two bites of an apple and threw it away.”

Food waste makes you a little crazy sometimes, doesn’t it?

Because you work hard to try to save money on groceries.

(Ok, some weeks are better than others.  But you’re totally trying, and that counts.)

But you’ve noticed that the total at the checkout has been climbing again.

(You only bought ingredients for a couple of meals and somehow the total was $67??  How does that work?)

And after all of that, you come home and find people you love (oh, you love them) just throwing away that expensive food.  (You love them, you love them, you love them…)

And you wish there was something you could do to save more of that hard earned money.  

You know the tricks you need to use to make that grocery budget go down.  You’re just so tiiiiiired of it all.

It’s time to do it a little differently.

Let’s make it a challenge.  Something a little fun.

Something we can do together.


The Fun Grocery Challenge

Now, this isn’t going to be one of those “no spend grocery challenges” where I tell you to just suck it up already and dig into that honey mustard, frozen blueberry waffle, hot sauce, and hot dog casserole you made using things you found in your pantry.


Nah, that’s over done.  And I’ve never been a fan of those pantry challenges anyway.

Instead, you’re going to rack up some points.

(This will be waaay more fun.)

STEP ONE: Print out this chart and hang it on the fridge.

Just click the picture to get an easy-to-print pdf.  (It comes with a page to help you tally points, too.)

#brightsaver grocery challenge...save on your grocery budget with this fun challenge

Every week, see how many points you can earn by doing simple things here and there.

Every time you earn points, you’ll find that you’re also saving money.

Get your family on board with less food waste.  Make a goal to see if you can save enough grocery money to have a fun family afternoon activity. (Maybe even a nice weekend if you find the right Groupon!)

Step 2: Get Support

Invite a friend or two to join in the challenge.  Then see who earns the most points each week.

Or just try to beat your own record.

You are also invited to join our Facebook group.  This group of bright savers is very encouraging, and it’s a great way to get new ideas for reducing food waste and saving on groceries.

Step 3: Get (Another) Freebie

Do you hate making a grocery list?

Yeah, you know it’s one of the best ways to save at the grocery store.

Buuuuuut who has the time??

Well subscribers can get a free copy of this grocery list.  You can type right into it.

So take a moment to think about those things you buy every single time you go to the grocery store.  Type them in here.

Then, every time you need to make a list, just print it off.  You already have a good start…now just add in those things you need to remember especially for this trip.  Done!

Are you ready to spend less on groceries?

This challenge is going to be a fun one!  How many points will you earn?

Don’t forget to get your copy of the grocery shopping list template:

Looking for a grocery challenge that will actually lower your grocery budget? This creative way to save money will help you far more than any no spend challenge or pantry challenge out there. A fun way to save money on food.