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Well, our kids have been back to school for about two weeks now.  Which means it is time for them to bring home some germs.  My kids won’t always share their toys, but they are usually pretty generous when it comes to sharing the sickies!

I guess I can’t complain too much.  We enjoyed a nice long summer with minimal illness.  But a few days ago our 1 year old became very fussy and clingy.  And now I know exactly how he was feeling, because he shared with his Mama.  This cold is a doozy!

Luckily, I have a habit of trying to keep supplies on hand for when we are down with a sickness.  After all, who wants to run to the store when you are feeling under the weather?  And I can guarantee your fellow shoppers would prefer you stay home, recuperating.  Here’s how to prepare your family for germs.

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How to prepare your family for germs.

Here’s a list of items to keep on hand for illness:

  • Jello.  I always keep the boxes around.  But often I am too sick to get up and make it–or the person who wants it, wants it now, not 4 hours from now.  I also like to keep the premade cups on hand in the pantry for that reason.
  • Soup:  This one is pretty cheap and easy to keep on hand.
  • Pop:  You might call that soda?  I don’t know about you, but when I have a super sore throat I like the bubbles of a lemon-lime soft drink.  This is a time I allow myself to break my uncomfortable rule.
  • Gatorade:  Helps with dehydration
  • Popsicles:  Stock up on these whenever you see them on sale.  If you get the bags of them, you won’t even have to take up freezer space until you are ready for a new bag of them.
  • Sambucol*:  This homeopathic aid works well to shorten the length of colds and flus.  (It isn’t really designed to work with stomach bugs, though.)  My family swears by it.  It is pricey, but probably not more than a copay would be.
  • Vitamin D*: This can also shorten the length of viruses.
  • Peppermint:  This helps with sore throats and calms sour stomachs.
  • Kleenex:  This one seems fairly obvious…
  • Hot dogs and other items the kids can prepare for themselves if Mom and Dad are too sick to cook.

While no one wants hot dogs and soup every night, some times you have to make do with what you can!

Keeping up with this list should help to prepare my family for sickness we might experience again in the future.

What are some things your family needs when you are sick?