Inside: If you’ve got a big family, you need to follow large family blogs full of advice and support. Here’s the perfect list with just what you need!

It’s a funny irony, but mothering a large family can be a lonely feeling.  It’s just not as popular as it once was to have a pile of kids.  So finding people who can relate to your struggles can be…well, a struggle!

We sometimes hesitate to talk about our problems while raising our big family.  Asking for advice or complaining when life gets hard feels like a privilege reserved for moms of 2.3 kids.

Even if you have people that you can open up to (no criticisms with your BFF!), there are still times you wish you had another perspective.

If you want an easy way to find your people, look no further than a large family blog.  It’s hard to find good quality blogs for big families.  I’ll go out on a limb and say those Moms are probably so busy, they struggle to find time to blog.

So when you can find one of these rare gems, be sure to give them your support!  Sign up for their newsletter or follow them on Facebook.  Encourage them to keep on blogging so we can continue to get tips, advice, and a listening ear when it comes to life with a large family.

Here are some great large family blogs that you need to check out.

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Finally! Someone pulled together a list of large family blogs. It's so nice to read about moms like me.

In no particular order, here are some awesome large family blogs.

Mom of Seven: Large Family BlogMom of Seven

Jennifer is the mother of seven kids.  Her goal is to help outnumbered moms to feel less stress and better equipped to handle life with a big family.

Her advice is this:  “Your relationship is like a bank.  You have to constantly put in positive experiences and loving attitudes (deposits) into the relationship; that way when you have to discipline (make a withdrawal), you aren’t taking more from the relationship than you give.”

Catch her at Mom of Seven.


Messy Mom Blog: Large Family BlogMessy Mom

Natalie has 4 children and offers community and motherly support with her blog.

Though she’s crazy busy with raising kids and moving, she found the time to send me some advice.  “Sharing is a good thing. It’s okay to share a bathroom, or bedroom, TV, or iPad. Just because you have a big family doesn’t mean you have to have tons of space and lots of stuff! The simplicity can bring you closer together as a family and it’s great for character building too.”

Gosh, I love that!  Read her blog, Messy Mom.

Big Family Little Income: Large Family BlogBig Family Little Income

Looking for something a little different?  Well, this blog is written by the Dad (!) and they are from Australia.  It’s full of laughs and big family moments.  I think you’ll get a kick out of it.

Bruce’s advice was this: “My advice is to find time for each of them individually. Sounds obvious but it’s often not easy. Because there are so many of the little buggers we’re always in each other’s pockets. We’re all living on a bus at the moment as we travel around the country, which makes it even harder. It doesn’t have to be a daddy date at a cake shop or anything fancy. I take one with me when I do errands, like filling up with petrol, buying milk or a dash for cash. It’s a chance to chat one on one away from prying sibling ears.”

You’ll get a kick out of Big Family Little Income.

Little Earthling Blog

Renee and her husband have 14 kids and she’s a birth photographer.  I’m betting she’s seen it all!  Her blog is perfect for the mom who wants practical tips for the things we struggle with every day; from bedtime battles to organizing everything.

She sent this advice along:

My best advice about dealing with the chaos of lots of kids?
1. Take a deep breath. Most problems are small problems.
2. Make the rules and enforce them.
3. Most of all Don’t Forget to Have FUN!
Go get your fill of her genius tips at Little Earthling Blog.

Raising Arrows: Large Family Blog

Raising Arrows

I came across this blog years ago and found Amy’s words so inspiring.  If you want a genuine, encouraging nudge, this is the blog for you.
Her advice was this: “Never forget to mother your children – big and small.  This isn’t a ‘season’ – it’s your life.  Don’t squander it waiting for the chaos to subside.”
Read more from Raising Arrows.



Such a Time As This

This blog has tons of free printables (and you know how much I love those!).  There’s also support for families with dyslexia and autism.

Sasha says, “Life in a big family requires a series of compromises from the typical American lifestyle with regard to raising children.  With that mindset, the chaos fades, and the enjoyment of spending time with your kids multiplies.”

Be sure to check out Such a Time As This.


large family blogsLife As Mom

Jessica is Mama to six kids and she wrote the book on Good Cheap Eats.  (Literally.)  I love how she chased her dream of taking her whole family to France on a budget!  You’ll love her awesome tips for keeping everyone fed and the house organized.

Be sure to read more at Life as MOM.

Confessions of a Homeschooler

So many large families choose to home school.  If that’s you, you’ll want to check out this awesome resource for sure!  Get resources and tips for managing everything in one spot.

Read all about it at Confessions of a Homeschooler 

large family blogs

Conserva Mom

Elia is a busy mom of 5 and her blog hosts giveaways and reviews of family friendly products.  You’ll also find recipes, tips for travel and life with the family, and more.


Learn more at Conserva Mom.


Large Family Table

Prefer to watch a video instead of reading?  Sometimes it’s just easier that way!  This is where Jamerrill’s Large Family Table is a perfect match.  You’ll get help with feeding your family, homeschooling, and just managing daily life from this blog.

Don’t miss Large Family Table.

large family blogs

The Flanders Family

Jennifer brings you free printables, help with homeschooling, and parenting pointers.

Her advice is “Whether you’re the mother of 1 or 21, you need to prioritize your marriage. Do not marginalize your husband’s needs or make him feel that he must compete with his children for your time and affection. Set aside time EVERY DAY to give him your undivided attention. Nurturing your marriage in this way is one of the absolute best things you can do for your children’s physical, mental, and emotional stability.”

Find it all at The Flanders Family!

large family blogsAre They All Yours?!??

I love how Zsuzsanna has her blog broken down by rooms.  Front Door, Kitchen, School Room, and more.  How cute is that?

Read more at Are They All Yours?!??

large family blogsThrifty Nifty Mommy

Janessa offers reviews of great family products on her blog.  You’ll also find tips for parenting, life with baby, and giveaways!  (I love a good giveaway.)

Her advice?  “On chaos — maybe it’s only because we have because we only have 4 children so far, but I generally don’t find out home chaotic. I’ve taught my children to use indoor voices when we are in our home and I don’t allow them to run around and act crazy, unless they are outside. I also have them clean their toys a few times a day so that the house stays relatively clean. There is a lot of laughter and fun activity in our home, but it’s calm and controlled.”

Check out Thrifty Nifty Mommy!

Medium Sized Family

I won’t toot my own horn too much here, but you can find resources to help you with your large family right here at Medium Sized Family.

Choose a large family blog to follow and find your people.

We all need to find someone we can relate to.  Thanks to the internet, they don’t have to be our neighbors to be our friends.

Be sure to check out my other large family posts, including Over 40 of The Best Easy Meals for Large Families.

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What’s your favorite large family blog?


10 Large Family Blogs With The Best Advice (You Should Be Reading)
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10 Large Family Blogs With The Best Advice (You Should Be Reading)
If you've got a big family, you need to follow large family blogs full of advice and support. Here's the perfect list with just what you need!
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