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Looking for weekend work? Getting a job as a food demonstrator might be the perfect part time job to compliment your 9-5 schedule. 

Free samples at the grocery store are our favorites.  (Aren’t they everybody’s??)  We sometimes drop by the store to kill time, and the kids look forward to seeing what samples will be available.

How often do you consider the person passing out the free samples?  I used to think they were store employees.  Then one day, a friend told me they were actually people brought in to specifically promote a product.

Being a food demonstrator is a flexible job that’s good for college kids, stay at home moms, and, yes, people trying to fill their contingency savings fund.

Get Paid to Be a Food Demonstrator

A great way to make extra money by passing out samples in a weekend job.

What is a Food Demonstrator?

This job goes by a few titles.  You might see it listed as “product demonstrator” or “brand ambassador” or “event specialist”.  While each title has different nuances, the basic idea is that you are promoting a product or company directly to the customers.  Rather than an abstract ad on a page or screen, you’re the real person that interacts with customers to bring a positive light to a company or product.

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My friend Raisa gave me some pointers from her own experience as a food demonstrator.  Here are some of the parts she enjoyed about the job.

  • Some jobs offer a more flexible schedule.  Many of these jobs occur on weekends only.  That might be a great match with your current job.
  • You’ll get to interact with a wide variety of people.
  • Sampling the food yourself is an obvious plus!


If the item you’re sampling at the time isn’t food, it can be tough to get people to interact with you.  And many times people would rather grab the food than listen to you talk about it.

Secure Your Savings: Get Paid to Be a Food DemonstratorRequirements

You’ll want to read the job description carefully to be sure you qualify for that particular job before you apply.  (No sense in wasting anyone’s time!)  But most jobs require these things:

  • high school diploma or job experience
  • ability to stand or move through a crowd for several hours at a time
  • be able to positively interact with the public (friendly, outgoing)
  • self starter (don’t require a boss watching over you)

Here’s some advice from a friend who hires food demonstrators.  He says these are the things he looks for:

A person who is well groomed, dependable, trustworthy, happy.  Someone who believes in the product and can sell the customer on it. Maybe the customer tastes a roll, and the demo person is smiling just saying, “doesn’t that taste amazing!”

What’s It Pay?

Some jobs pay by the hour.  Some pay hourly plus commission.  Each job is different.  Average starting pay seems to range from $8-$10 per hour.

How to Find Work

Your best bet is to search on Craigslist and sites like and  Try searching for the different terms I mentioned earlier.  Food demonstrator, brand ambassador, event specialist, or product demonstrator are good search words.  Look for “part time” or “seasonal” options to work around a busy schedule.

And here are other resources I found:

The Advantage Solutions

Daymon Interactions   (Here you’ll want to search for “sales advisor”.)

Take These Steps:

  1. Determine if being a food demonstrator is right for you.
  2. Apply for jobs that are a good match.
  3. Show up ready to do your best work.
  4. Save the money in your account.

This was day 26 in the Secure Your Savings and Find Peace in the New Year series.  Go to the bottom of this post to find all the money saving and money making posts in this series!

Consider working as a food demonstrator until you’ve reached your money goal.

This part time work can help you get there faster.  And you’ll be the one everyone loves to see at the grocery store!

Have you ever been a food demonstrator?

Get Paid To Be a Food Demonstrator On the Weekends
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Get Paid To Be a Food Demonstrator On the Weekends
Looking for weekend work? Getting a job as a food demonstrator might be the perfect part time job to compliment your 9-5 schedule.
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