I kicked the dryer in frustration and announced that it was time to start shopping for a “new” dryer.  (New as in new-to-us, since I nearly always buy secondhand.)

While Hubby and I were not excited about spending money on a dryer, our boys cheered.  A dead dryer is a chance for them to pull out their screwdrivers and do some exploring.  We let them tear old appliances apart so they can learn how they work and practice using tools.

There’s another goal in mind, too.  After they pull the dryer apart, we’ll throw it in the back of our old truck and take it to the scrap yard.

How to Sell Scrap Metal for Cash

Let’s talk about some different ways to sell scrap metal for extra cash.

Sell Scrap Metal for Cash in Hand. You can feel good about recycling metal while making some extra money at the same time.


If you drink cans of pop or beer, keep the cans in their own bag for recycling.  Ask about setting up a separate trash can at work and cash in on your coworkers’ Diet Mt. Dew habits.

What to do with an old dryer? Sell Scrap Metal for Cash in HandOld Dryers and Appliances

The next time you have an appliance go kaput, check out a scrap metal location near you.  Don’t put it in the trash if it can be recycled instead.  Why worry whether the trash man will take it when you can make some cash from its demise instead?

Be aware that many places won’t accept items with Freon (such as refrigerators and freezers).  You usually have to pay to dispose of those things.  (Though sometimes you can get someone on Craigslist to take them away for free, even if they don’t work at all.)

Free Items on Craigslist

If you check out the “free” section of Craigslist, you’ll see people trying to get rid of appliances and other large metal items. They may not have the ability to take those things to the scrap yard themselves, but you can benefit from it.

Make sure you don’t spend the money you’ll make on gas.  Only try for items that are close to your home.  And keep in mind that the competition for these items can be tough, so you’ll need to act fast.

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Odds and Ends

Keep a bucket in the corner of the basement or garage.  When you find broken metal, toss it into the bucket instead of the trash can.  When the bucket gets full, take it to the scrap yard.

Be Aware of These Things

Scrap metal prices fluctuate wildly.

Sometimes the price goes up and it’s well worth your time.  Other times, the bottom drops out of the market and you’ll pay more in gas than you’ll get back.  Keep an eye on prices.  They may be down one week, but much higher the next.

Sell Scrap Metal for Cash in HandAll metal is not the same.

If you separate copper from aluminum, brass, and steel, you can make more money.  Copper is worth more than other metals (which is the unfortunate reason for vacant houses being ripped apart by thieves). Piling all metals together will give you a lower price.

All scrap yards are not the same.

Don’t just look up prices at one place.  Not only do prices change depending on which company you use, but so does the way they handle scrap.  Some companies will pay more for specific types of metal.  Others lump it into one pile and pay one price.

You’ll probably need a truck.

If you have a bucket of metal or bag of cans and the scrap yard is local to your errands, this is no big deal.  But if you want to deal with big chunks of metal, you need access to a truck.  Or a van with fold down seats.  Use a tarp so you don’t have a mess!

Now you know how to sell scrap metal for cash.

If you stub your toe kicking a broken appliance, at least you know you can still get a little something for it.

Take These Steps:

  1. Learn about scrap metal options and prices in your area.
  2. Collect any scrap metal from your home, yard, garage, and barn.
  3. If you made some cash from that, consider picking up junk from other people for more cash.  Set up a can for cans at work.
  4. Save the money in your account.

This was day 22 in the Secure Your Savings and Find Peace in the New Year series.  Go to the bottom of this post to find all the money saving and money making posts in this series!

Have you ever sold scrap metal?

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