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In relief, I was finally able to sneak into the bathroom.  The baby was asleep, and my older boys (who were 2 and 3) were playing in their room.  But as I left the bathroom and turned the corner, my relief quickly turned into worry.  The sound my 2 year old was making didn’t sound natural.  Before I even entered their bedroom, I knew he was very hurt.

It turns out he had a broken arm.  The kind you know at a quick glance is unmistakably broken.  Plans were made, and we headed for the hospital.  He slept while I worried and tried not to be sick.

Reducing Healthcare Costs

The Best Tips for Reducing Healthcare Costs. If you've got medical bills, you need to find ways to reduce them. It's also a good idea to lower the costs before you get them. Lots of help for that here.

When an emergency like this crops up, there’s enough trouble and worry to go with them.  You shouldn’t also have to worry about how you’ll pay for medical bills.

Luckily, you have more control over this than you think.

Because I already wrote my very best ideas in another post, I’ll encourage you to pop over and check out Worrying About High Healthcare Costs?  6 Simple Ways to Save.  You’ll find this post on a blog I write for called Life & My Finances.

Take These Steps:

  1. Consider your various health insurance options.  Look into opening an FSA.
  2. Shop around for services and doctors.  If you’re paying a percentage rather than a flat copay, it’s even more important to get the best rate.
  3. Determine what equipment you could buy to save trips to the doctor.
  4. Look for extra discounts on medicine.  Ask for samples and coupons at both the doctor and pharmacy.
  5. Bank the savings.

This was day 10 in the Secure Your Savings and Find Peace in the New Year series.  Go to the bottom of this post to find all the money saving and money making posts in this series!

With prices going up regularly, it’s important to find tips for reducing healthcare costs.

These days, that child is one of our most sporty kids.  You’d never know he had broken that arm.  I’m thankful we have such great medical care!

How do you save on healthcare costs?