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Ahh, springtime. Finally, there’s a better variety of produce in the stores. And after a long winter of yummy soups and casseroles, it’s time for a change in our diets.

If you’re looking for some spring meals to serve with fresh ingredients, here are some of our family’s favorite (and soon to be favorite) recipes.

But just in case there’s another cold snap on the horizon, you might want to save this list of the best savory soups to simmer on your stove.

Spring Meals Your Family Will Love To Share

Healthy Spring Meals: Salads That Are Different (And Delicious!)

This Chicken Chopped Salad is the perfect way to use that fresh lettuce springing up this time of year.

For a Mexican spin on your fresh salad, try this Avocado Corn Salad. Yum!

Put a fun twist on your salad with this amazing Salmon Cobb Salad recipe. (Also a great option for Fridays during Lent!)

Imagine feasting on this Chicken Blueberry Feta Salad. (Drool!)

For something a little different, break out this delicious Spring Pea Salad.

Easy Spring Meals To Serve

It’s right in the name! Fresh Spring Rolls with Peanut Sauce is a great meal to serve up in the springtime.

Meals To Use Up That Leftover Ham

Here’s a yummy way to use up that leftover Easter ham. Try this Slow Cooker Ham & Potato Hash for an easy dinner idea.

Our favorite recipe for using up ham is this Slow Cooker Ham & Beans. Oh, so good, especially paired with a good cornbread.

I have no qualms with serving a Ham and Cheese Breakfast Casserole to my family for any meal of the day…and they have no qualms with eating it any time of the day!

Spring Meal Dinners To Make Now

If you have chickens at home, they are finally laying eggs again after taking the winter off. (If not, maybe your neighbors now have fresh eggs to sell!) Either way, this Classic Egg Salad is a delicious way to serve those eggs.

I love the spin on these Taco Stuffed Peppers! Don’t worry, those are little bell peppers if you need to keep it kid friendly. (But you could do a hotter pepper if you have a brave crowd to feed!)

My family is a sucker for sliders, and this Pesto Chicken Sliders recipe is such a light, delicious treat for a springtime meal.

This Spring Vegetable Soup is packed with your favorite spring veggies. It makes for a nice light soup on a chilly spring day.

On one of those rainy spring days, you’ll love to sit in a window seat with a steamy bowl of Creamy Smoked Sausage Spinach Potato Soup.

These easy meals are the perfect way to wrap up a beautiful (or cozy and rainy) spring day.

And what’s a meal without a fun dessert? Definitely give one of these easy Easter dessert recipes a try next.