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This year, I am on a mission to pay off a big chunk of our debt.  We are on pace to get it paid off, but just barely.  It’s such a hard fought battle, that we are using several different strategies to make sure that we win.

If 2016 is going to be our #yearofno, we want to make sure it is worth it!

Dear Debt, Enough is Enough

Dear Debt, Enough is Enough

You’ll find today’s post over at The Peaceful Mom.  (She was gracious enough to let me share our story with her readers, too!)

The strategy I’m talking about in today’s post is ways to tap into your emotions to get intense about debt elimination.  Let me show you how to use your emotions to help fuel yourself in the road to debt free living.  Read How We Stay Motivated to Pay Off Debt.

Are emotions an important part of your money strategy?

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