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Inside: No one wants to have a life of regrets. So should you take a vacation if you’re in debt? Take this quiz to help you find the right balance.

When my family proposed that we take a vacation this year, I was immediately against it.  A vacation right after such a successful #yearofno?  We’d corrected our bad spending and were doing so well paying off debt.  It didn’t make sense to postpone our debt free date so we could have a family vacation.

Then again, I’m a pretty boring person.  I’ve always been the type to set goals and bend over backwards to reach them.  And while my more playful husband aggravates me sometimes, his viewpoint is an important counterbalance to my own.  It keeps me from missing out on the fun things in life, and I usually end up appreciating it in the long run.
I'm trying to pay off debt, but I really feel like I should take a vacation while my kids are still little. Should I vacation while I'm still in debt? This quiz is really helpful!

I reluctantly agreed to the trip.  But the more I thought about it, the more I realized that we are set up for successfully paying off debt whether we travel or not.

We all want to live a life of no regrets.  But avoiding the regret of spending too little time with family should be balanced against the regret of having debt as we reach retirement age.

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Should You Take A Vacation If You’re In Debt?

Can you have it all?

Try out this quiz to see if you should take that vacation while you’re still in debt.


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What result did you get from the quiz?  Do you think it’s right?