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My kids do this thing where they wait until I’m distracted.  Then they put a package in my hand, knowing I’ll unwrap it and hand it back to them.  Basically giving them permission to snack at will.

But I’m not one of those moms that lets her kids snack at will.  Hence the need for deception.

I give them an A for effort and creative use of their resources.  But most of the time I snap out of it and withdraw my passive permission before they’ve scarfed down their candy (or whatever they’re after).

I try to keep snacking down to a minimum.  It’s too expensive to feed this crew whenever they’re “hungry”.  But more importantly, I want them to recognize the difference between real hunger and boredom (or whatever emotion they’re trying to eat).

2 Week Meal Plan for Early October. Check out how this family eats for 2 whole weeks. It includes all of the meals and snacks, not just a dinner plan. Plus you get links to recipes to try out.

So you’ll see snack ideas listed in my 2 week meal plan, but we’re talking about an after-school snack and a bedtime snack.

Read on to see all of the meals and snacks we’ll be feasting on for the next couple of weeks.  Expect a simple and frugal plan for our family of 7.

Our 2 Week Meal Plan


How we choose cereal.Breakfast

  • cereal  (This is going to be in the #1 spot for the foreseeable future.  My personal rule is to TRY to buy cereals that are 9 grams of sugar or less plus under 9% of our daily sodium value.  It also needs to be less than 16 cents per ounce.  Obviously, I have to bend these rules here and there.)
  • pumpkin bread
  • frozen waffles
  • bagels
  • French toast (Our 11-year-old learned how to make this, so I plan to take advantage of his skills.)

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We pack lunches pretty much every day.  (Read how we’ve taught our kids to pack their own lunch.)  Besides a main course from this list, we also pack a fruit or veggie, yogurt or cheese, and one junk food (chips, cookies, pudding, etc.).

  • sandwiches
  • leftovers
  • homemade blackberry muffins
  • salads  (I planted lettuce that hopefully will grow before the frost sets in.)
  • hard boiled eggs

september meal planSupper

I supplement these main dishes with a side of potatoes, rice, or pasta.  We nearly always have fresh cut veggies and sweet tea with our suppers.  Fall is a great time for roasted veggies, so that will be on the menu, too!

Apple Pie BarsSnacks & Desserts

Keeping up with my menu plan really helps me to feel organized in the midst of a crazy schedule.  I’ve been using the Toosl4Wisdom planner to keep everything together, and I love how it encourages me to set goals and keep up with them.

Now I’ve got to run and chase down the 2 year old who tricked me into unwrapping a sucker for him.  Again.

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Important question: Are you a chocolate purist?  Or do you like chocolate mint and other combos?