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Wow!  Ten whole weeks of money saving tips.  That’s 50 ways we’ve saved money since I started this series.  That’s pretty exciting!  If you want to see all 50 tips, check them out here.

All of that said…it’s not been the most frugal week around here.  A last minute zoo trip cost us some extras since I didn’t have a packed lunch prepared.  (That’s ok, my kids had a blast with their buddies.  Worth it.)  We also ordered pizza and generally had a too busy week.  It happens.

We still managed to find our 5 ways to save money, so here they are.

5 Ways We've Saved Money This Week 10

Got a free energy saving kit from our electric retailer.  

Duke Energy sent us a couple of light bulbs, a lower flow shower head and sink faucet heads, and more.

I love seeing my utility bills go down whenever I can lower them!  Not to mention the savings on not having to buy these items in order to lower that bill.

It’s worth a check with your electric company to see if they offer anything like this.  Many companies have a whole list of free offerings, including audits where they will come to your home and give you suggestions on ways to lower your bills.

Had our picture taken for the church directory.

They will give us a free 8×10 of our family portrait, which is great since we haven’t had one in a couple of years.

Used ice cream in my coffee.

If you follow me on Facebook…I told you I was going to use this one!

I really try not to make extra trips to the store for items if I can help it.  Sometimes that means trying something out of the ordinary for a short time until I can get to the store with a regular list of items.

And sometimes that means making “sacrifices” like putting ice cream in your coffee when you run out of creamer.  😉

(In case you were wondering, drinking the coffee black isn’t an option.)  (Ok, ok… if I were desperate I probably would do it.)

Bought candy.

Candy is obviously a necessity, right?  Ok, maybe not.

But my kids will bring home a note in a few weeks asking for candy donations for their Christmas party at school.  And I managed to find “fun sized” (total misnomer, by the way) M&M packs that were not in any sort of Halloween wrapping at all on the clearance rack.  Score!

So I grabbed one for each child.

Returned an item immediately.

I have a terrible habit of setting an item to the side and planning to return it “some day”.

I have lost out on a lot of money due to finding items that I had meant to return months later.  (Well beyond any hope of finding a receipt even if the store did still let me return it at such a late date).

Disorganization is expensive!

So I made it a point to immediately go back to the store and return an item that I realized wouldn’t work for me as soon as I got home.

Those are our ways that we saved money this week.

It was kind of an expensive week, so I’m glad to find these silver linings.

How have you saved money lately?