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Ever have one of those months when it seems like you’re hit by one big expense after another?  It’s a bummer that this is happening to us before we were able to establish our sinking funds.

But experiencing it reminds you why you should keep moving towards that goal, even when it’s hard!

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The 5 Ways We’ve Saved Money This Week 124

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You might already know that Frugal Friday is a special day here at Medium Sized Family.  Every Friday is a chance to reflect on the positive.  I love to share how we managed to save money that week!

You can read the entire series here.  Or you can grab your frugal copy of the 500 Ways to Save Money book and read the sections that mean the most to you.

Let’s start a new batch…

Free Camping

My Dad loves to camp out, and the family really enjoys spending time together.  With 18 first cousins running (or crawling) around, there’s always someone to play with!

So we pitched tents in my parents’ yard and had a night of fun for free.

Picnic In the Park

A special non profit group in our small town has taken to hosting a picnic in the park each week.  They offer food to anyone who wants it for free.

There’s also free entertainment as well as sometimes free haircuts and other things.

The main goal is to bring the community together in a positive way so relationships can grow.  It’s a cause that I can’t help but love!

Concession Stand

Baseball season is wearing down (although we still have tournaments left).  Everyone has taken their turn paying for team treats.

So at the last game, all the parents pulled out whatever singles or quarters they could find, and together we scrounged up $10!

Father’s Day

Planning ahead is a fantastic way to save money.  If you keep your eye out for a good deal for an entire month, you’re bound to save big!

But if you can’t do that, last minute shopping might be the next best thing.

With stores competing for your business, you can even find deals on things that don’t often go on sale.  I saved a lot of money on gifts because of a special Father’s Day sale!

Ice Cream!

Who doesn’t want a nice, cold treat, especially when summer is already reaching into the mid and upper 90s?

To stop the constant begging to stop for ice cream whenever we’re out and about, I stocked up on ice cream bars for the freezer at home.

You can get a box of them for $3, which is much cheaper than the $14+ we end up spending if we stop somewhere!


Those are the 5 ways we saved money this week!

Don’t get discouraged by these dog days of summer!

If you’ve ever built up a pile of savings just to end up spending it immediately…don’t miss these Clever Tips That Will Help When Your Savings Takes A Hit (Again).

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How did you save this week?