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Summer is by far my favorite season.  Which makes it an even bigger bummer when we get sick this time of year.

When I’m not feeling great, I’m even more grateful for kids that are willing to pull their own weight!  With their help, we’ve been able to keep the house running pretty smoothly.

We’re all pretty tired of Netflix now, though.

Every Friday, we reflect on the ways we’ve saved money that week.  It’s just the burst of motivation we need to keep going on our frugal journey.

If you’re interested in all the money saving tips we used to help us pay of tens of thousands in credit card debt, you can read all about it!  

Now it’s time for a brand new…

5 Ways We’ve Saved Money This Week

Saving money for families week after week!

Free Towel Ring

We repainted and did a mini makeover of our bathroom just before we started our #yearofno.  The one thing that’s been missing has been a towel ring by the sink.

It’s annoyed me to no end, because there are always towels on the floor from kids drying their hands on whatever they find.

So I finally decided to grab this towel ring.  It’s pretty, functional, and really didn’t cost much at all.  Plus, I think the flat bottom will make it less likely to drop the towel on the floor again.

Even better was when I discovered I had plenty of credit card rewards points to get it for free!  (We used the card for our vacation rental, plus I’ve been using it to pay for gas due to the hike in credit card skimmers.)

Truck Battery

Our old beater farm truck has been sitting there with a dead battery for a few months.  It’s one of those things that just couldn’t make it to the top of our priority list for each paycheck.

Then a family member told me that our local oil company sells refurbished batteries.  That sounded perfect!  Instead of spending over a hundred dollars for a truck we only use a couple of times per month, we were able to get it running for just $40!  What a bargain!


I don’t know if you are much of a farmer, but here’s a life lesson for you…running out of hay mid winter or early spring is NOT fun.  It’s very hard to find hay that time of year.

That plus a broken truck meant that I was hauling a bale of hay home twice a week in my mini van.

It was messy (which, to be honest, my mini van is not the cleanest place on Earth anyway…).  But worse, it was expensive.

We were finally able to get a truck load of hay when some friends put in their first crop of the year.  That means fewer last minute runs when we’re “suddenly” out of hay.

But even better, we saved a ton of money.  And now we don’t have to use $30 from every paycheck to cover costs!

Homeschooling Books

This fall, we’ll dive into the adventure of homeschooling with one of our sons.  I’m a bit nervous about it, I’ll admit!  But shopping for books has been fun.

I’m enamored by the idea of classical education.  And many of the topics we’ll cover are things that I can’t wait to learn right alongside my son.  Who wouldn’t want to get better at arguing using logic rather than emotion?

After compiling a list of books we’ll need, I scouted out the best price for each.

Some of them were cheapest on Ebay.  Others were cheaper to buy from Christian Book.

I saved hundreds of dollars using this method!


We gave dear old Dad the gift of golf for Father’s Day this year.  This week, he finally redeemed it!

When he got to the golf course, he decided to ask them for the internet rate he had seen.  Why not?  He had nothing to lose.

They honored that rate, and he saved good money!

Those are the 5 ways we saved money this week!

Busy, busy, busy!

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How did you save money this week?