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I’m finally ready to announce some big news!  Our medium sized family is going to grow a little “extra medium sized”.  Some have told me that I’m going to have to rebrand my whole blog now!  haha!  I’m not sure about doing all of that.

But I am excited to tell you that we are expecting baby number six!  Baby is due in February (but will probably show up in March, since I’m always very overdue).

If you love that shirt as much as I do, you can find it here!

The kids are overjoyed at the thought of having a teeny baby to love on.  And (admittedly) I’m a little overwhelmed at the thought of finding an 8 passenger vehicle that I can drive comfortably.  😉

But we’re all very excited about this little blessing!

The 5 Ways We’ve Saved Money This Week

Money saving tips and ideas for frugal people!

Every Friday we reflect on our week.  It gives us a chance to pat ourselves on the back for any good things we did towards saving money.  It also helps us keep our drive to continue to be frugally conscience.

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I’ve mentioned Zenni as a great way to save on eyeglasses before.  But this time I actually got a pair for myself.

My eye doctor told me that my insurance would either cover glasses or contacts, but not both.  She suggested I get a cheap pair of glasses online and buy my contacts through them.

I added a few extras to my Zenni order, such as an anti-reflective coating and high index lenses.  But even then, my order was shipped for under $40!

The quality of these frames is impressive, especially for such a low price.  In fact, these lenses are stronger than the ones I was wearing before (which I’d ordered the old way, though the eye doctor at a higher cost!).


Usually I end up suffering through driving without sunglasses.  But I knew I needed a pair of prescription sunglasses, too.

So I was happy to find that Zenni offered a sunglasses clip for my glasses for just $3.95!  It’s probably not the most stylish thing ever, but it doesn’t bother me.  I was excited to save so much money!

Maternity Clothes

My baby turns 5 in a couple of months, so those maternity clothes I had are long gone.  But a sixth pregnancy means my belly started showing practically instantly!

So I went in search of some maternity clothing.  I hate spending much money on clothes I can only wear for a couple of months.  (Soon it will be too cold for short sleeves, and the baby will come before warm weather does!)

Beyond that, have you noticed that many stores don’t even carry maternity any more?  If they have it, it takes up no more than a small rack.

But secondhand stores are full of them, and most of them are in great shape after only being worn for a few months!

I found amazing deals at Goodwill, and also at Clothes Mentor.  Coming home with two bags of clothes for less than $35 feels good.


Credit card (and debit card) fraud is everywhere, and you need to be extra diligent about keeping an eye on your accounts.

Our card number was stolen and used to buy cable.  That was kind of laughable!  We haven’t had cable since we moved into this house 10 years ago, so it was obvious right away that this charge wasn’t ours.

But seeing that huge amount come out of our checking account made me wonder if they’d gotten away with other thefts.  So I looked a little closer.

The bad guys had also charged $150 to the card while we were on vacation.  I’m so thankful that I looked!  We were spending extra money while on vacation, so I hadn’t noticed that the money was gone.

I’ll admit that being pregnant has taken its toll on my attention span, so I’m certainly glad I caught this.  And you can bet that I dug back pretty far in all of our accounts to make sure there were no other charges.

Sports Pass

School is back in session, which means it’s time to pull out the wallet!

Our oldest is in marching band, which means we attend most of the high school football games.  The school district offers a sports pass which covers entry to any home sporting event for the year.

Last year we took advantage of the pass.  This year, after doing the math, I decided that we are better off just paying admission.

Hopefully this doesn’t come back to bite us in the tookus!  🙂  But I think it will save us some cash.

Those are the 5 ways we saved money this week!

Keeping up with blogging has been tough to fit in with my first trimester napping schedule.  But I’m hoping to feel better soon and be back to blogging more frequently.

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How did you save this week?