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This stack of movies caught my eye as I headed to check out at the library on Wednesday.

My boys are big Star Wars fans, so I picked up one or two of those movies.  And there was the live action Cinderella video that I knew my daughter would love, too.  

Then I noticed that all of the movies were Disney movies…and that’s when I realized what my library had done.

They were showcasing what was basically a free version of Disney+! 

I had to laugh.

It’s so smart!  And hopefully people will take advantage of this and save on one more monthly bill.

You gotta love the library.  

The 5 Ways We’ve Saved Money This Week

On Fridays, I like to reflect back on my week and think about the ways we were able to save money.

This is #147 in the series, so you can find a huge list of money saving tips here.  You can read all day if you can never get enough money saving tips!

If you prefer, you can get the easy book with over 500 money saving tips. 

After you grab your copy of this book, you’ll be able to go right to the birthday section when you need to throw a party (but are short on cash).  

Plus you can always read back through it whenever you need a little frugal boost.


November is the time to buy groceries.  Lots of things are at their rock bottom price this time of year.

So I expanded our grocery budget…which isn’t a way we saved money this week. 

But it will save us money for a long time!

Having a grocery stock pile will save you serious money.  

Imagine that a storm is on its way.  You know you don’t have much food at home right now, so you need to hit the store after work.

But when you get there, you find that the shelves have already been cleared.  Half the things on your list aren’t even available.

Frustrated, you head back to your car.

What are you going to eat while you’re stuck at home?  Who knows how long this storm might last?

You figure you’ll find some way to use the things from the bottom of your freezer and that last jar of spaghetti sauce.


…after you create your grocery stockpile, those worries become a thing of the past.

Sure, you might run out of milk during a storm.  But with so many other food options available, you just don’t feel the burden.

Want more help with your grocery budget?  Get signed up for the newsletter here (and while you’re at it, grab this free download that will save your sanity):

Breakfast Date

At our church, they used to have two separate times for Sunday School.  Some of our kids would attend before mass, others would attend afterwards.

Well, this year, they switched the schedule.  And now all of our kids attend at the same time!

(Ok, not the baby.  But 5 out of 6 ain’t bad. ?)

Hubby and I have begun to use this time for a little breakfast date.

It’s waaaaay cheaper than a dinner date.  And we get a little time to actually talk.

(A lunch date can also be a much cheaper way to spend time together, too.)

Fetch Rewards

This was me earlier this week:

Have you tried Fetch Rewards?  Wow, it’s a game changer.

I love how easy it is to just scan in your receipts.  You don’t have to jump through any other hoops.

And the rewards include gift cards to restaurants, stores, and Amazon.

So this could be a great way to save up for a date, a gift, or just to give yourself an extra little treat.

After I made this FB post, I realized that people who use my referral link (with referral code PEWR4) get to start with 2,000 points.  

(Wish I’d known that before I just loaded it off of Google Play…)

So just click here, and when it asks for a referral code type in PEWR4, and you and I will both get an extra 2,000 points. That’s nearly enough to redeem for your first Amazon card.  ?


Lately it seems like I spend half my week running errands, getting kids to appointments, and attending meetings.

And I’m a stay at home mom.  ?‍♀️

All of that running makes the drive thru look tempting.

But I reminded myself that I have been stockpiling food, and there’s plenty to eat at home.

It feels good to slip back into that #yearofno feeling again sometimes.  When we stopped all extra spending so we could pay off credit card debt, it was hard.  Don’t get me wrong.

But, it was also a fantastic feeling of control.

There’s a certain freedom in not giving in to every little craving or desire to buy, buy, buy.


Hubby brought home flowers.

He and our 12 year old son had stopped by the grocery store, and they noticed there were WooHoo flowers.

(WooHoo means clearance.)

They wanted me to have them.

On the way home, they discussed the sticker.  Our son said he should take it off so I would think he spent more on them.

Hubby thought he should leave the sticker on because he knows how I love a good bargain.

In the end, they took the sticker off.  Gave me the flowers. And then told me the story.


(Well, I do love a bargain.)

Those are the 5 ways we saved this week!

Holy cow, it’s Thanksgiving time!  There probably won’t be a new 5 ways next Friday.  But I hope you have a wonderful holiday.

Don’t forget to grab your grocery budget shrinking tips when you join the mailing list!

How did you save this week?