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After replacing 5 appliances in 6 months time (and buying another one because we needed it, so really 6 appliances) I should be an appliance buying expert.

In reality, I’m giving all the other appliances the side eye and begging them not to join the others in the old junkyard.


So with that in mind, let’s jump into the latest

5 Ways We’ve Saved Money This Week


A few days ago our dryer stopped working mid load.  As usual, Hubby dug around to find out what was wrong with it.

It was the expensive control panel.  You know, the kind of thing that costs a few hundred bucks.  And you have to wonder if it’s worth putting that kind of money into an old dryer you bought used a while ago.

Because if you replace that, who’s to say that the next thing won’t go out right away?

I looked in my usual places and didn’t see any good deals on used dryers.

But my friend decided to try an app she’s used before called Let Go.

And she managed to find us a decent used dryer!  We got one for way less than we would have paid for the part.

Do we expect this dryer to last forever?

Well, no.

We hope it will last us a while so we can replenish our poor savings account.  It’s taken a hit between the other appliances we’ve bought and the other things we’ve invested in lately due to the whole Covid 19 thing.

PLUS…by buying some things new and some things used, I really hope we’ll space out the next appliances replacements in the future.

Oh, Also The Oven

Hearing that the dryer was heading off for retirement must have been the last straw for our oven.  Two days after the dryer died, the oven flashed a big code as I was trying to cook supper.

Guess what the code was?

An expensive control panel!


But the funny thing is that when I mentioned this to my buddies on FB, a couple of them had stoves in storage they were ready to get rid of.


Hopefully a free stove will get us by for a while…and I couldn’t be more thankful.

Date Night

Hubby and I had another cheap date night.  A food truck came to our little town, so we grabbed some cheap food and ate it in the car. 

Quiet time for us, and the big kids watched the littles at home without bossy parents around for a while.  😉

Then we hit the walking path in town for a couple of rounds.  It was nice to have fresh air and conversation without saying “What??” over the kids heads 20 times.

Mother’s Day

Most of us probably had a less than ideal Mother’s Day this year, huh?

My Mom doesn’t want or need a whole lot anymore (not that she’s old, just that she doesn’t have young kids and can just buy herself what she wants now…hey, she might read this!).

So I got her a pretty hanging basket and some cash to use at the local dairy bar.  They have the best ice cream!

Frugal celebration, but it was nice to get her things I know she loves.


Our basement has been a mess for years.  It’s just the catch all place in our house.

We’ve slowly been cleaning it out, and it’s finally starting to be a place the kids can go hang out.

There was an old tv down there that we hung and then we moved a gaming system downstairs.  No money spent.

Now they can play video games down there and I can have a little more peace in my days.  

Those are the 5 ways we’ve saved money this week!

Sheesh, I hope your appliances don’t read about this and choose retirement, too!  

Oh, I finally wrote a new money saving post this week.  Woohoo!  Check out these creative ways to save money.

How did you save this week?