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It’s Friday, that favored day of the week where people are almost as excited about the weekend coming as they are about another installment of 5 Ways We’ve Saved Money This Week!

In case you weren’t waiting anxiously for this post (is that sarcasm overkill so early in this article?) and have stumbled upon this series for the first time, here are the rules.  Each week I tell you 5 new and different ways that our family has managed to save money in the past week.  I try not to repeat myself, and I try not to mention coffee.  (Except this one time when I did.  But the hubby wrote that post, so I’m not sure it even counts.)

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Ok then, let’s get down to the real stuff.

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Envelopes.  This one might seem silly, but I’ve been saving those envelopes that come in the mail.  The ones that are in junk mail envelopes or bills that you typically pay online anyway.  Then I use these envelopes to send money or notes in to school, to hold coupons, or to write lists on.

Does this save me a ton of cash?  Nope.  But I’m willing to save a few dollars per year at the cost of nearly no effort on my part.  And a few dollars here and there can add up!  (Surely you’re already convinced of that anyway.)

Gave Ibotta another chance.  I had downloaded this app, but didn’t like it at first.  It sends a lot of notifications, which I didn’t like.  But this week I was using my Kroger receipt to do a survey for gas points, and I decided that while I had the receipt out I might as well give Ibotta another chance.

Just based on the foods I had already purchased, I wound up getting $6.  I also got another $10 for using the app for the first time.  That was an immediate $16 I got for very little effort on foods like produce, milk, and other items you typically don’t see coupons for.  If you sign up using my referral link, you can also get the bonus $10 the first time you use the app.

#YearofNo  As I explained in my New Year’s Resolutions post, we have a BHAG this year of paying off a big chunk of debt.  Our biggest plan for accomplishing this is by saying No.  In fact, we are half-jokingly calling this the #yearofno.  Believe it or not, this mantra has given me a great mindset when I’m out.  It has helped me beat my cravings for fast food and drinks while running errands.  It also helped me to restrain myself while shopping.

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Clearanced Responsibly.  Many of us have a special weakness for a clearance rack.  And the week or two after Christmas is the worst.  Stores slash the prices of many items this time of year, and it’s so easy to overspend on things you didn’t actually want or need.

But if you are very careful, you can save money.  Remembering that every dollar counts, I did my shopping without a cart or basket so I would only pick up the absolute best deals.  I did manage to get some cheap candy that will work great for the upcoming Valentine’s Day parties at school.

R-e-l-a-x.  I went to the dentist, convinced that I had a serious infection or problem with a tooth.  It turns out that I’ve been clenching in my sleep.  He said that he could sell me a pricey contraption, or that I could take ibuprofen and try to not use my jaw too much.  (Imagine my hubby’s dismay that I wouldn’t be able to gab his ear off !)  Obviously I opted for the ibuprofen and relaxation.

Once I was aware of the problem, I made an extra effort to try to fall asleep relaxed, and mentally noted that I should not clench my jaw.  I was surprised at how effective that was!

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Those are the 5 simple ways we were able to save this week.  How did you do?  Let us know some frugal things you accomplished this week.