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Last week was an exciting milestone.  With week number 100 of the 5 Ways We’ve Saved Money This Week series on the books (er, blog), that means there are 500 money saving tips in that series alone!  It’s fun to know that our family is still finding creative ways to save money.  Even better is that we get to share them with you.

In case you missed it, there’s some exciting news that comes along with this milestone!  I’m compiling all of these tips into one easy to read e-book.  I’ll be rolling out more details soon, but you’ll definitely want to be one of my subscribers when the book launches.  (Hint, hint!)  You can do that here.

If you want to dig through the whole series, read away my friends!

Medium Sized Family uses affiliate links.  If you use these links, we may earn a small commission at no additional cost to you.  Thanks for helping us get debt free!

The 5 Ways We’ve Saved Money This Week 101

New money saving tips every Friday from a family that's paid off thousands in debt.

That sounds like a college course, but it’s really the 101st post in this series!!

Amazon Prime

Though Amazon Prime is $99, when you break it down, that’s less per month than your Netflix bill.  If you don’t mind subbing the shows you find on Prime for what you’ve been watching on Netflix, you’ll save money for sure.  And my Hubby has found numerous ways to squeeze extra value out of our Prime membership!

This time he learned that he could return a part that we thought we needed…but didn’t.  At first they were going to charge us $7 to return a $10 part.  Not only is that aggravating…but it also means that we’d be more reluctant to buy parts in the future.

But because we have been loyal Prime members, they let us return it for free.  Which is a relief when you struggle to find parts for an old furnace like ours!

You can try Amazon Prime for 30 days for free.  Now’s a great time to give it a try with the holidays approaching!

Interestingly, if you have an EBT card, you can get Prime at a discounted rate of just $5.99 per monthLearn more about that program here.

Parking Ticket

Hubby works at a hospital, and when I take the kids there I’m supposed to leave a note in the window.  That’s because they’ll ticket employees for parking in patient areas.

Well, on this day I was in a big hurry and forgot about the note.  I came back to the car to find a $75 parking ticket waiting for me.


Hubby didn’t exactly enjoy all of the hoops he had to jump through to explain what had happened.  But at least we got away with just a warning this time.  It’s like you got paid $75 to deal with all of that paperwork, Honey!  (Think he’ll buy that?)

Free Fun

While we were trick or treating at the zoo (using our zoo pass), we received a free ticket for a local play place.  I managed to use it before it expired!  So I took our 4 year old for a day of fun while the others were at school.  He had a blast playing in the ball pit and painting his face.

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Clean The Dishwasher

I’ve bought expensive dishwasher cleaners in the past because my cheap dishwasher doesn’t come apart for a proper cleaning.  Then a friend told me that a Koolaid lemonade packet works like a charm for cleaning it out.  I’d much rather spend a few dimes on a little packet!  So I gave it a try, and it seems to have done the trick.  Try it!


I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that I’m going to try shopping at Aldi again.  I stopped shopping there for a few reasons.  It’s a further drive, it’s got shorter hours, and we won’t eat everything from there, (I’m not a fan of their lunchmeat, for example) so it’s not a one stop shop.

But I can’t deny how much money we’re saving!  So I’ll keep shopping there while it fits our schedule.

Those are the 5 ways we saved money this week!

I’ll be taking off next week to spend the holiday with family.  But I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family!

If you’ll be setting up Christmas plans with them, why not bring up a gift exchange?  It’ll save everyone money, and these gift exchange themes make giving more fun than ever.

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How did you save this week?