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We knew our goats would be having babies soon, but just like human Mamas, there’s no way to tell exactly when it might happen.  Then suddenly on Sunday, there were two baby goats in the barn!  And a few hours later, the other Mama had her twins, too.

We are small time goat farmers, and now we need to decide how many of these goats we will keep for our herd.  In the meantime, the bleats from the babies are adorable!

Every Friday I like to write a new post in the series called The 5 Ways We’ve Saved Money This Week.  This keeps us inspired to move forward on our goals of paying off debt and saving up cash.

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The 5 Ways We Saved Money This Week

5 Ways We've Saved Money This Week 111 More ways to save money every single week!

Gift Card

For Christmas this year, my kids receive a gift of an activity rather than more toys from their grandparents.  So we went to Sky Zone (an indoor trampoline park) over the weekend.  They had a BLAST, and I’m certain that they enjoyed it more than another “thing” to have to clean up all the time.

Local Baseball

More and more people are paying high dollars to let their kids play on select ball and travel ball teams.  It is something we considered for a little while.  And I won’t say that we would never do it.  But it seems crazy to spend hundreds and even thousands of dollars to put your child on a “select” team in any sport.

For us, the value of sports isn’t that we think we’re raising the next Derek Jeter.  We don’t put our kids on sports teams to add more high pressure to their lives.  We do want them to learn skills such as teamwork and perseverance.  We want them to look back at what they were able to accomplish, and to see themselves as part of our local community.  I love that they wear our hometown name on their jersey.

So we’ll stick to our cheap knothole teams that let us pay for 4 kids at the price of three.

Valentine’s Day

As usual, we kept our Valentine’s Day pretty simple.  Even more than usual, because this year it fell on Ash Wednesday!

I did print out the coupons for the kids.  They look forward to these more than anything else each year!  Pin a copy of them to use next year.

Teacher Treats

Even though I totally forgot about making desserts for the teachers, I managed to throw a batch of cookies together and run them up to school just in time!  It was tempting to just go buy something, but I love it when I can use what I have on hand instead.


We’re slowly making adjustments to life without credit card debt.  I spent a long time looking over our budget for the year to be sure that we are intentional with our dollars.  I want our budget to reflect our goals.

My biweekly budget spreadsheet makes this task a lot easier than it sounds!  I just looked at the dates of our paychecks and the dates our bills are due to start.  Then I tried to remember unusual expenses like school fees and taxes.

I’ve got tons of these types of tools that my newsletter subscribers have access to.  If you aren’t a subscriber, you can do that now.  It’s quick, easy, and totally free.

Those are the 5 ways we saved money this week!

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How did you save this week?