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It’s another frugal Friday, and we’re celebrating with another post in the popular series, The 5 Ways We’ve Saved Money This Week.  If you are dedicated to frugal habits, you can go back and read all of the other posts in the series right here.

Next week it will be time for a check in on our yearly goals and our BHAG of paying off a significant amount of debt in this #yearofno.  You can read about all of that in this post.

The 5 Ways We’ve Saved Money This Week

5 Ways We've Saved Money This Week: Read along as one family tells different ways that they've saved money week after week.

Simple Easter.  We celebrate a fairly simple Easter in our home.  We have many family traditions that we enjoy such as Resurrection Rolls and going to Mass together.  We also enjoy some candy and egg hunts.

But I try to keep our clothing fairly simple.  Our daughter does usually get a new (to her) dress that I find at a secondhand shop.  The boys don’t really care what they wear.

There are no big gifts given.  We want to keep the day largely focused on the gift that Jesus gave to us.

Old dye.  Each year I manage to grab a pack of Paas dye on a clearance rack at any store.  I never pay very much for it.  Then I toss it into the big tub of Easter decor and baskets and put it away in the attic.

The next year I find it and part of  me always wonders if the dye will work after I mistreated it so, by exposing it (sort of… I mean, it stays in the packaging) to the extreme temperatures of our attic.

It’s never been a problem, though!  If you’d like to see how our eggs turned out this year, check them out here.

Free diapers.  I shop at CVS pretty frequently.  I love it! For one thing, it’s close to home (unlike most stores).  For another, they are constantly passing out deals on diapers.

Not only do they offer coupons regularly at the scanner for diapers, but they also many times have deals where you can get $10 (for instance) in Extra Care Bucks (which work basically as CVS money towards most purchases).

That’s money that I can use towards my next diaper purchase.  Plus I can stack any coupons I have with this.  So I was able to get several packs of diapers for free this past week.

Bread ends.  No one here is a fan of the bread ends.  Which is unfortunate since we go through so many loaves of bread each week!

But I’ve found a great way around that.  I always rip up those ends, bag them up, and put them in the freezer.

What do I do with them next?  So many things!  If a recipe calls for breadcrumbs, I can use them as is.  Or I put them in a mini food processor (that easily fits in my dishwasher) and grind them to fine crumbs, depending on the type of recipe I’m using.

I can also sprinkle them with oil and Italian Seasonings to make croutons in the oven.

When the bag gets full, I make homemade stuffing or bread pudding.  (This bread pudding recipe is amazing!)

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Low key spring break.  When the weather turned chilly in our area this week, I started to wonder why in the world we didn’t go to the beach for spring break like many of our friends did.  But the frugal side of me is happy that we made the #yearofno decision to keep our spring break simple.

In fact, I didn’t make any plans at all for our spring break, and we still had plenty to keep us busy.  We were invited to several different fun activities that cost us little to nothing.  We’ve had a pretty great break, even if we didn’t go anywhere.

Sometimes, simple time to veg at home is what we really need.

There’s the latest 5 ways our family has saved money this week!

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What frugal tips did you discover this week?  Share your money saving ways with us!