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Life has been a whirlwind of county fair followed by nearly a week of camping.  I enjoy both, but boy is it stressful to keep everyone in line!  It’s nice to be home again and thinking back over the ways we saved money lately.

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Here are the 5 Ways We’ve Saved Money This Week

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Camp discounts.  How can we get away for some family time and still mostly honor our #yearofno motto?  Camping was the answer!  And I found several ways to improve the price.

Luckily Hubby had some vacation time available.  That meant that we were able to go through the week.  Hitting the showers without waiting in line was lovely!  The kids raced bikes without worry of constant traffic.

But you know me…the part I loved best was the savings on the week day camping!  You can often find great discounts by camping on weeknights rather than weekends. Plus, the kids received a coupon from the library’s summer reading program. That got us an extra 50% off our bill.  We got away for 4 nights and our total bill was $70.  Bam, #yearofno approved!

Borrowing.  My Dad is big on camping, and he bought a camper a couple of years ago.  He was kind enough to loan it to us, and we loved it.  For me, being able to wash my hands was the most exciting part.  (Moms!)

Due to borrowing the camper, we saved even more on our already frugal trip.

But borrowing a camper isn’t always an option, and not everyone owns a tent.   So check out your state parks to see what types of rentals they offer.  A camper cabin has some nice features at an awesome price.  Many of our Ohio state parks offer yurts, a variety of cabin types and prices, plus other options.

Simple foods.  So I backed myself into a planning corner and ended up with just one day to put together our camping trip.  But if you have the basic supplies, how much do you really need?  I decided that if it came down to it, we could eat hot dogs and marshmallows for the whole trip.

Ok, so it didn’t come down to that.  Luckily our kids are getting to an age where they are more helpful.  So they put together their own foil dinners and threw them into the fire.  We also had chili in the crock pot one night and of course we roasted metts and hot dogs on another night.  We also ate out one night.  That was a nice splurge since we’ve cut out dining out this year!

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State Fair Fun.  Next, we decided that we hadn’t had quite enough fair time the week before. So we visited our state fair while we were camping.  Is that cheating a little bit?  (We didn’t exactly rough it.)

The state fair is nice, because it’s usually very family friendly.  We were able to find discounted tickets by buying ahead at Kroger.  I had 2 coupons for kids tickets (gotta love the summer reading program!).  Fourth graders get in for free (although we don’t have an exiting fourth grader, for once).

Once inside there were a lot of opportunities to grab pencils (free school supplies!). The kids came home with tons of free stuff. An Urban Meyer poster (O-H!), first aid kits, hand sanitizer, and the list goes on.

We avoided most purchases inside, but we did have to splurge for the most amazing ice cream at the dairy barn.

Fun.  Now, when you’re spending time together as a family, the best fun is the stuff that doesn’t cost money. Playing board games (all the inside jokes) and hiking.  Fishing (to be fair, you do have to buy a permit), teaching kids how to build a fire or pitch a tent.  It’s a lot of fun for not much price.  Don’t feel like you have to buy tickets to get quality time together.

Looks like this was a special “camping and state parks” edition of the 5 Ways We’ve Saved Money This Week series!

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Did you have a frugal week?  Tell us about a win with money you’ve had lately!