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This week has taken a toll on all of us, no matter which side of the vote you find yourself on.  I stayed up very late to watch election results roll in, and I’m still chugging coffee and trying to make up for lost sleep!

But today we celebrate Veterans Day.  If you’ve served or your family has, thank you so much for all of your sacrifice and service to our country!

Now, let’s get down to…

The 5 Ways We’ve Saved Money This Week.

5 Ways We've Saved Money This Week 57. Tons of money saving tips here.

(Read the entire series here if you’re looking for lots of tips!)

Deal on Parts

Hubby had to do some more work on his car.  He found an online deal on those parts at Advance Auto Parts.  By ordering the parts online first, and then running to town to pick them up, he saved $18 and a little bit of time on a busy Saturday.

He’s also a Speed Perks member, which has saved us more money over time.  (P.S., You can get $25 off orders over $75 with code A124 at AdvanceAutoParts.com!)

genius-bloggers-toolkitA Nice Bonus

If you’re a blogger, I have no doubt that you heard all about the Genius Blogger’s Toolkit.  I looked it over and slept on the idea of buying it for a few days.  I have been saving my blogging income for Christmas gifts, even though I understand the importance of investing in my blog as a business.  So I felt torn.

When I learned that Brittany from Equipping Godly Women was offering a free coaching call with my purchase, it pushed me to the buying side.  I have enjoyed her tips and tricks for better blogging for a while, so the chance to pick her brain a bit was worth it.

Not to mention all of the resources I’ve already poured through.  I’ve learned a lot, and I’ve only dipped my toe into this deep toolkit!  Well worth the cost.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

I’ve mentioned my son’s battles with migraines on the blog before.  We’ve struggled for years with his chronic migraines.  I learned through my own research that cognitive behavioral therapy has been found to be more effective than medicine on chronic migraine pains.

When the headache doctor mentioned the same thing to me later that week, I knew we had to try it.

CBT gives you exercises and methods that help you deal with pain and eventually can ease or even eliminate the pains you have.  You have specific homework to practice between sessions.

While there is a cost to these doctor’s appointments now, I’m hopeful that (on top of the health benefits) we will eventually save the money we’ve been spending on medications.

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Oil Change

I’ve talked about tips for saving on oil changes in previous 5 Ways posts.  This week, I found a great coupon for an oil change.  But while I was there, they informed me that I also get a free top off of my fluids as well as my tires checked and filled in between oil changes. Maintenance extends the life of the car, so that’s savings on top of savings!

Stocked Up on Sales

November is a great time to buy so many things!  I’m happiest with the grocery savings they offer.  I made sure to stock up on canned goods and baking supplies while the timing was right.  Get a whole list of things to buy in November here.

Those are the 5 Ways We’ve Saved Money This Week!

I read a recent study about Christmas spending that made my jaw drop.  I couldn’t believe that a full 53% of parents polled were spending this way.  Check it out here: The Surprising Way Christmas Lists Tank Your Nest Egg.

When you're buying Christmas gifts for kids, it's tempting to buy everything on their Christmas list. Do you want to bring a smile to their face at all costs? Here's why you should resist.

What ways have you saved this week?