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Life has been so busy, and while I try to keep up with blogging as much as possible, it just didn’t get off that pesky back burner this week.  But don’t worry!  Medium Sized Family is here for the long haul, and I’ll be back to writing new content for you very soon.

On a related note, if you have any amazing advice for a beginning PTO group, be sure to leave a comment!

On Fridays I think of all the ways I saved money for the week.  Then I write about them on the blog.  So if  you like money saving tips, you’ll love the archives of the 5 Ways We’ve Saved Money This Week series!

The 5 Ways We’ve Saved Money This Week 91

Ideas for saving money in daily life.


For the third year in a row, we have a child joining the band!  I’m so happy the school made adjustments to let younger students join the program.  But it’s been an expense for sure!

Thankfully I buy used instruments.  I can’t imagine affording rental fees for three instruments at once!  Learn more about how I get my best deal on used instruments here.

This time I got my best deal ever, because the pawn shop was running a back to school special.  Woohoo!

Comparing Prices in a New Way

I’ve been using grocery pick up services more than ever.  It’s been a life saver when life has been too busy for things like grocery shopping!

The prices on the grocery website aren’t always precise, but you can get a good idea of what they charge for things.  So when I added a faucet filter to our list (you can read about our unusual water situation that makes a filter a requirement for us), I got curious.  Was this item cheaper at the grocery store or on Amazon?

Sure enough, I found it much cheaper from Amazon!  It’s a new way to compare prices from your home.  Gotta love that.

Family Pass

Our oldest has entered the world of marching band…which means our family has entered it, too!  We learned that our school districts a family pass so the whole family can watch any school sporting event for the year.  So when he asks me to join pep band during basketball season, we’ll already be covered!

If your school district doesn’t offer a family pass, why not ask if they’ll create one?  If your children are athletic or you have a large family, it could save you a ton of money.

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Granola Bars

They’re my go to choice for keeping snacks in the car.  This helps me avoid a stop at the drive thru or convenience store when I’m running errands and realize I forgot to eat breakfast…again.  (I really should be much skinnier!)


Our raspberry bushes are heavy with berries again.  I love them, because they are super low fuss and my kids can pick their snack fresh from the vine.  It was so worth the small investment years ago!  I highly recommend Nourse Farms, because they are affordable and they give you step by step guidelines to get the most from your plants.  And no, they did not pay me to say that!

Those are the 5 ways we saved money this week!

Tune in next week when I hope to get up an extra post or two.  I do so much better with our debt goals when I’m blogging!  You guys keep me going.

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How have you saved this week?  OR!  Do you have a PTO tip for me??