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Last weekend, we attended my Dad’s retirement party.  People wrote ideas for his bucket list, and I couldn’t resist having a little fun with the cherry pie I made (Dad’s favorite!).

I’m so happy for him.  After all, my parents are absolute whizzes when it comes to pinching a penny.  After years of being responsible with their money, my parents are able to retire without the debt that so many others still have.

I’m keeping that in mind when we make our own money goals!

Each Friday, my Hubby and I look back at our week and find small wins to celebrate.  We’re inching closer to having all of our credit cards paid off!  Since we’ve been at this for nearly 2 years now, it’s important to stay motivated.

If money saving tips motivate you, check out the whole series (this is week number 99!!) here.

The 5 Ways We’ve Saved Money This Week 99!

Money saving ideas for frugal living.


This week, Hubby had to repair both the washer and the furnace.  When we first became homeowners, fixing things like this was a bit intimidating.  But he rose to the challenge!  Thankfully.  Who can afford to call a repair man every time something breaks??

These days, he’s become a pro at getting things like this repaired.  And it’s all because he jumped in, got his hands dirty, and learned from not being afraid of making mistakes.

Staying Home

Our oldest son is in the marching band and our high school football team ended the season undefeated.  Yeah!  The bad news is that our season passes won’t work for play off games.

Rather than paying to get the whole family in to one game, most of us will stay home.  I’m kind of ok missing the cold weather, although I wish I could see our son march.  But there’s always next year!

Skipping the Heat

I won’t lie.  I would totally have turned on our furnace when the temperatures here reached the low 30s.  But since it was broken and we were waiting for the part to show up in the mail, it just wasn’t an option.

So we used our fireplace and burned leftover firewood from last year.  It was much cheaper than propane and we all somehow survived it.  😉

Frugal Costumes

I stopped buying those cheapo costumes that cost $20 (even though you’ll push a fingernail through it as soon as it’s opened) a while ago.  This year, I did find a $5 costume for our daughter.  (The only girl, and she wanted to be Spiderman!)  Our boys wore costumes we had on hand.

I did pay $10 to pull together a special costume for a retirement/dress up party we attended over the weekend.  I just couldn’t resist!

Cialis costume


I didn’t even know layaway was still a thing until a friend told me about it.  That’s how she gets great bargains on Christmas gifts.

So obviously I had to try it out.  Now, not only do I have my Christmas shopping started (woohoo!) but I also get to take advantage of the little benefits of having a layaway account.  (Learn more about that here.)

Walmart Christmas Layaway 2017: How To Use It To Save The Most

Those are the 5 ways we saved money this week!

I hope you had a fun Halloween!  Are you starting your Thanksgiving prep?  I put together a Thanksgiving potluck signup sheet to get you organized and ready.

Thanksgiving Potluck Signup Sheet!Thanksgiving Potluck Signup Sheet!

How did you save this week?