Frugal Homemade Potato Soup: Use Up Those Mashed Potatoes

Creamy potato soup is the best homemade frugal meal to serve your family when you want comfort food. Use up leftover mashed potatoes! Try it tonight.

Soup is just about the perfect frugal meal, isn’t it?

It’s easy to put together, and it always brings back memories.  Which is why it’s such a great comfort food.

If you’ve been searching for ways to feed your family on the cheap, you’ll definitely want to add this potato soup to your meal plan.

It’s so delicious that your family won’t even realize you’ve served them a meatless meal.

And potatoes are always cheap…and pretty easy to keep on hand.  (They last a long time if you keep them in cool, dark storage like a pantry or potato bin like this one.)


Easiest Ever Beer Bread Recipe: No Yeast Needed!

This beer bread recipe is the easiest thing you can make. But everyone at your next party is going to beg you for it! No yeast needed bread.

“You’re bringing that beer bread, right??”

I think people at family gatherings are more excited to see these loaves of bread than me.

But that’s ok, because I know how delicious it is.

The secret is that this beer bread recipe is just about the easiest thing you can throw together.

That makes it perfect for family gatherings, pot lucks, or times when you’re trapped at home with no yeast for bread.

If you aren’t the beer drinker in the house, promise the one who is that they will not regret letting you have one of their cold ones.

Don’t worry, you’ll be able to keep that promise!


What To Make With Oatmeal: Easy Recipes That Are Flat Delicious

Got some oats to use up? Learn what to make with oatmeal using ingredients you probably have on hand. Easy, simple recipes that will make you drool.

That container of oats has been sitting on your pantry shelf forever.

You bought it with the best of intentions.  But somehow, that fancy Pinterest recipe just didn’t make itself.


The thing is, oatmeal is so cheap.  It would be great to find recipes that are actually good and easy enough to throw together.

Well, you’re in luck!

There are a bunch of recipes out there that you can throw together in a flash.

A lot of these recipes are perfect for using up fruit that’s been left to rot.  Or that lonely container of yogurt that got pushed to the back of the fridge.

Unbelievably (a little, let’s admit it) the best part is that these recipes use up scraps and cheap oatmeal…but they are still delicious!  My kids always get excited when they come in the kitchen and see one of these foods cooling on the counter.



The Cheapest Foods To Buy When You’re Broke

Get a list of the cheapest foods to buy when you’re broke. Along with a meal plan that will feed your family for $75 a week.

The light from the refrigerator is washing over your face again.

You know there’s still nothing in there…but you can’t help but hope that maybe some mysterious force left a piece of chocolate cake in the back when you weren’t looking.

No luck.

You’d love to go to the grocery store and get something to fill those shelves.  But how?

If it isn’t the car breaking down, it’s a sick kid.  And the paycheck is gone before you know it.  (Again.)

The truth is, bad times like this happen to the best of us.

It can be so hard to get ahead, especially when you’re raising a family.  Kids will surprise you…with their ability to do things, how much they remind you of your favorite uncle, and…

Oh, you know, a random broken bone followed by a double ear infection alongside a huge growth spurt (hello new wardrobe).

So when you finally manage to scrape together a stash of cash to buy some food, you want to get the most for your money.

If you’re wondering what the cheapest foods to buy are, read on.


Shopping At Sam’s Club – How To Find the Deals

What’s it like shopping at Sam’s? This mom of 6 kids made a trip to see which bargains were great, and which prices just stink.

This year for Christmas, I unwrapped a membership to Sam’s Club.

I haven’t been a member there for a decade, and in that time I’ve become pretty selective about the way I shop. So I was pretty excited to get the chance to try out Sam’s for free…

…but I also wasn’t quite sure how it would fit into my usual shopping routine.

When you’re buying food for a family of 8, you have to be picky.  Much as the grocery stores would like it, I’m not too keen on just handing them my husband’s paycheck every other week.

So I asked a friend to watch the baby so I could spend some time in the Club.  (That’s what the cool kids call it.  bahaha!)

After spending a good hour or two there, this is what I found.  (By the way, I’ve updated this post to reflect what I’ve found to be the best deals over the last year of shopping at Sam’s.)


The Grocery Challenge: A Fun Way To Save Your Grocery Budget

Looking for a grocery challenge that’s a little more fun than your typical “no spend grocery month”? Try a different way to lower your grocery budget.

“What is this??” you ask everyone in the family, using your best Clair Huxtable voice.  “Because it looks like someone took two bites of an apple and threw it away.”

Food waste makes you a little crazy sometimes, doesn’t it?

Because you work hard to try to save money on groceries.

(Ok, some weeks are better than others.  But you’re totally trying, and that counts.)

But you’ve noticed that the total at the checkout has been climbing again.

(You only bought ingredients for a couple of meals and somehow the total was $67??  How does that work?)

And after all of that, you come home and find people you love (oh, you love them) just throwing away that expensive food.  (You love them, you love them, you love them…)