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Celebrating Easter at home this year? Here’s how to celebrate Easter when you’re stuck at home…and how to keep it special for kids and families.

Last year our 5 year old son had a fairly serious spine surgery and was admitted to the hospital for several days.

We spent Palm Sunday there.

And when they released us, it was with orders to stay home for at least a couple of weeks.

(No one wants a still healing child exposed to more germs.)

That meant that we missed Easter Sunday mass, as well.

Who would have guessed that we’d miss them again this year?

Well, spending a special day like Easter at home, without the traditions you usually keep with loved ones, is a tough thing for adults to deal with.

And no, it’s not nearly as hard as what lots of other people are struggling with right now.  But it’s ok to admit that you’re bummed about missing out on this special day.

And for kids, it’s even harder.  They don’t really get what’s going on.

So how can we keep Easter special, even when we’re stuck at home?

Keeping Easter Special While Stuck At Home

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The Food

Every tradition in America seems to revolve around food, and Easter is no different.

Most of us head to Mom’s or Grandma’s for a delicious ham dinner.

My local Kroger was completely out of ham when I checked last week.  I think a lot of people are preparing for their own ham dinner at home rather than sharing one with extended family.

If you’re lucky enough to grab one, now is a great time.  You can find them at a super cheap price (less than $1 per pound in my area).

In fact, I usually grab two for my freezer this time of year.  But with the shortages, now is probably not the time to stock up (unfortunately).

Whatever you decide to serve your family on Easter Sunday, remember that you don’t have to go into the store to buy it.  Try a service like Shipt…someone does your shopping for you and delivers it right to your door!

And don’t worry.  Shipt offers no contact delivery.


Brunch is our family’s Easter tradition.  On a typical Easter Sunday, we would go to church and then come home to enjoy a delicious brunch.

Over the years I’ve come up with this menu of foods I can make ahead of time.  That way I don’t spend the whole morning in the kitchen, missing out on the fun the kids are having.

BUT we also get yummy foods.

Best of both worlds!  Get the Easter brunch menu here.


If you don’t have a ham or turkey buried in your freezer, that’s ok.  You can still come up with a special dinner for Easter.

Here’s a delicious way to roast a whole chicken.  (Pretty similar to my turkey recipe and that always tastes amazing!)

Make a beef or pork roast.  I like to season it with my favorite herbs and spices and then pour a can of Dr. Pepper over it.  Then I cook it in the crock pot on low all day.  

Grill out.  My kids love the idea of having a picnic for Easter Sunday.  It’s a great idea for most of the country when the weather is just now turning nice.


I was able to find egg dye in our local stores.  But had no luck on Amazon.  (The few that are listed come from questionable sources and either have bad reviews or won’t ship until after Easter.)

If you don’t want to go out for dye, that’s ok.  

Try these methods for a more natural dye.  (Actually, this might be fun to do anyway, if you’re looking for something to do with your kids.)

Or, use that food coloring you have on hand.

Having trouble getting eggs? 

(A lot of stores are limiting your purchases or have run out…although my local Kroger had plenty the other day, so hopefully that will be the case for everyone!)

Check FB Marketplace or Craigslist to see if anyone local is selling eggs.  (Chickens don’t know there’s a quarantine going on!)

You can’t get plastic eggs shipped from Amazon in time now.  So add them to your Shipt order from the store if you can.

If you’ve tried everything and just can’t find eggs anywhere, start a new tradition.

We got this super cute egg toy for our toddler and she plays with it all the time.

Print pictures of bunnies in different sizes and hide them everywhere for kids to find.

Put candy in a pinata instead.  (Make one from a cardboard box!)

Once the kids are ready for the hunt, don’t forget to video chat with the grandparents!  We’ve been using Google Duo on our Android phones.  


This one is the hardest part for us.

We’re Catholic, which means that watching church happen on YouTube is not the same thing as physically attending Mass.

But this is what we are living with right now.

Whatever denomination you are, many churches are live streaming their services.  If the church you attend isn’t offering a streaming service, try to find a recommendation from a friend.

We have been enjoying the Mass offered by Father Mike Schmitz.

I shared the link with friends and family.  It’s nice to know that we are watching mass together with people we love, even if we can’t attend together right now.

And why not go ahead and wear your fine Easter outfits?  Even if it’s just for you, it will feel nice to wear something different for once.

(For us…it’s a nice change from our daily PJs. haha)


Boy, it’s gonna be hard to celebrate without the grandparents this year.

Sure, you can use Facetime or Google Duo or even FB Messenger to video chat with them. Maybe Zoom for large groups. Just pick the parts of the day that mean the most.

Like a family prayer before the meal.  The egg hunt.  Maybe just a nice afternoon chat.

Take tons of pictures and videos, and share them.

Have the kids write letters about what Easter means to them, and share that.

Maybe some day, this Easter at home will be one of your favorite memories.

There’s still so much we can do as a family.  And still plenty to be grateful for.

What’s your favorite Easter tradition?

Celebrating Easter At Home: How To Keep It Special
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Celebrating Easter at home this year? Here's how to celebrate Easter when you're stuck at home...and how to keep it special for kids and families.
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