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Here’s a whole list of cool birthday presents that people will actually want! Buy the kids something they won’t throw on a forgotten pile for once.

Remember when Kung Zhu Pets were all the rage?  Every kid wanted them.  And because they were so cheap, I was happy to tell family and friends that they could grab a cool birthday present for just $4!  We thought the kids would be happy.

Remember me??

And they were.  They played with the pets for a couple of days… before they added them to their giant pile of ignored and forgotten toys.

Have you been to a birthday party where the child unwraps a gift, glances at it for a second, tosses it aside, and runs back to the pile for the next gift as fast as they can?  (Yep, sometimes it’s your own kid acting this way, too.  I get it.)  You might think they’re acting spoiled, but this is the life our children are living these days.

You don’t have to participate in it, though.  Grabbing a toy that’s on sale is the easy way to handle a birthday or holiday.  But there are other simple ways to give a gift that are still affordable!  This year, give a gift that’s different enough to be remembered.

By the way, most of these ideas are good for kids of any age!  

Cool Birthday Presents That Will Actually Be Used

 These cool birthday presents are an awesome way to give something they'll actually want to get. Plus you can get some free stock!!


Let’s begin with Stockpile, because this is not only a very cool gift, but also a fun way to get kids curious about personal finance.

If you’re at all interested in saving and investing, you’ve probably considered giving a loved one the gift of stock.  Then you looked up the price and quickly changed your mind.  (Your budget was probably eaten up by the fees alone!)

Well you aren’t the only one who’s ever thought this way.  That’s why the smarties at Stockpile decided to make this gift affordable.  Rather than giving an entire share of Disney, you can give a child a fraction of a share.  That makes it affordable for you and interesting to them.

Here’s how it works:

Stockpile Information

I love the idea of buying stock in Campbell (who makes Goldfish crackers) for a child and gifting that along with a bag of Goldfish.  Then, whenever someone pulls out a bag of that snack, the child will remember (and will probably loudly tell everyone that they own part of Goldfish!).

This is a cool birthday present for people of any age.  Remember this when you’re trying to buy for the person who has everything.

My readers get to try Stockpile for FREE!

You’ll get $5 to play around and buy whatever stock you want.  Why not check it out now and see if it’s something you’ll want to use the next time you buy a gift?

Get $5 in free stock!

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Yes, clothes is supposed to be the boring gift, but hear me out.  You can turn this into a cool birthday present by choosing carefully.  My older boys love getting name brand clothes, but Mama isn’t springing $30 for a t-shirt.  If you want to get him one as a gift, I’m not going to turn that down.  And they’ll love it!

Adults might love a themed t-shirt about their profession or hobbies.  Comfy slippers are a luxury.

Little ones love to dress up.  My boys used to live in their superhero cap and masks.  (By the way, I found these on Etsy and they are absolutely adorable at a budget friendly price.)

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How about a set of tickets for an upcoming game, event, or movie?  Take a kid out for some fun one on one time.  If you can’t make the time commitment, most parents would rather take their kids to use tickets than add more “stuff” to the house.

For older giftees, see if there are interesting conventions coming to town.  Remember that you can often find discounted tickets at grocery stores and credit unions.  Look online for discount codes or tickets.


Most people have something they’d like to save up their money to buy.  Help them get there a little faster!

Outside Toys or Equipment

Upgrade their sporting equipment.  Get them accessories for their bike or an iTunes card so they can listen to music while they run.  Our family gets a kick out of Rocket Copters.


Pop Tarts are a special treat around here, so my kids really love having a whole box to themselves.  Smiley face cookies from a local bakery or a basket of treats from their hometown are a fun treat for almost anyone.  (Beware any food allergies or intolerances!)

These are some cool birthday presents that will give your loved one a happy day!

Plus, not one thing on this list will suddenly turn itself on in the middle of the night and creep you out.

Next up, check out the fun things to do on your birthdays (many of them are free!).

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What’s the coolest birthday present you’ve ever received?

Cool Birthday Presents That Will Actually Be Remembered
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Cool Birthday Presents That Will Actually Be Remembered
Here's a whole list of cool birthday presents that people will actually want! Buy the kids something they won't throw on a forgotten pile for once.
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