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Parents can’t always agree on the proper ways to raise a child, but there is one thing we can all come to nearly 100% agreement on…time flies when you’re raising kids.

One day you’re holding your brand new baby.  The next day, they’re off to school.

Kids grow up fast, and it can be hard on our hearts!

But you know what?  It’s all ok!  And here’s why.

Don't Cry Because They're Growing Up: Why Tweens are Amazing. An open letter from a Mom to her tween.

Yoplait ® Go Big™ is designed with your teen or tween in mind.  Go Big knows how amazing teens and tweens are, so they’ve challenged me to write a letter to my tween about all of his awesome qualities.

A Letter to My Amazing Tween

Dear Tween-aged son,

As we wind down the last few months before you hit your teenage years, I want to tell you how proud I am of you.  Watching you grow has been hard, but so rewarding.  Just like any other Mom, there’s a little part of me that wants to shrink you back to the little blonde haired boy you once were.  I hold your man sized shoes and wonder what happened to that little guy who used to cuddle up in my lap.

But then I think of how many things I’d miss if you were little forever.  

I wouldn’t get to see your passion for music.  The way you enjoy playing the trumpet that reminds me a little of my own band experiences.  But you appreciate music in a way that’s all your own.



I’d miss out on you reading with your little sister when she’s desperate to hear a certain book, and I’m busy with the baby.

I couldn’t wake up to a note that you’d already emptied the dishwasher for me, because you had some extra time and you know it’s one of the first things I do each day.

You wouldn’t amaze me with your drive to stand up for your beliefs, even when it means taking an unpopular stand.


If you were still little, you wouldn’t be able to love reading big books or acing a math test or scoring more fantasy football points than your Dad.  Seeing your passion for raising goats and playing baseball makes me appreciate who you are now.

So no, I wouldn’t shrink you back to babyhood even if I had a magic wand.  You’re turning into an amazing tween, and I can’t wait to see how you grow as a teen.

Love always,


Feeding the “Always On the Go” Tween or Teen

Go Big gave us a free pack of pouches to try.  My tween enjoyed the grip and rip method of opening the pouch.

Yoplait Go Big Grip and Rip



Show off your pride in your tween or teen!