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This guide has all the best Thanksgiving ideas for family gatherings! From food to fun to what to do with those leftovers…we’ve got you covered!

“Thanksgiving is an emotional holiday.  People travel thousands of miles to be with people they see only once a year.  And then discover that once a year is way too often.”  -Johnny Carson

Whether you’re excited to see family this year or not, you’ve found a resource to take care of the rest of your day!  Here are some ideas for your menu, how to keep everyone entertained, ideas to use up those leftovers, and more.

The Best Ways To Enjoy A Thanksgiving At Home

The best ways to enjoy a stay at home Thanksgiving during quarantine 2020 you'll always remember. Family traditions that the kids will love.

The Thanks

It’s easy to say that 2020 has been the worst year ever. What could we possibly be grateful for??

But practicing gratitude as a virtue, or a skill you can improve upon, is good for the heart, mind, and soul.

So before you begin the meal, have everyone talk about the 3 things they are most grateful for this year.  I bet you can come up with a lot more!

Some people begin a thankful table cloth using something like this.  Have everyone write what they are most grateful for each year.Then you can stitch the words into the cloth so it doesn’t wash out.

What a sweet tradition!

If you’re no seamstress, you might prefer this gratitude tree instead.  (You can still build on it year after year!)

There’s also this fun tablecloth that will keep the kids busy while you get all the last minute food prep finished.

The Food

The most delicious part of Thanksgiving is all the mouth watering food!  Here are the best ways to keep it simple, affordable, and loosen-that-belt tasty.

Whether you’re pulling together a potluck at work or just having some family over, get everything in order with this Thanksgiving potluck signup sheet!

Thanksgiving Potluck Signup Sheet!Thanksgiving Potluck Signup Sheet!

Here’s my turkey recipe and our typical Practice Thanksgiving menu:

Happy Practice Thanksgiving!

A yummy Roasted Brussels Sprouts & Butternut Squash side dish from Daily Momtivity:


10 Amazing Side Dishes for Your Thanksgiving Pot Luck

10 Amazing Side Dishes for Your Thanksgiving Pot Luck

Bread Machine Buttery Rolls from Home Ec @ Home


Thanksgiving Desserts from Fun Money Mom


15 Thanksgiving Pie Recipes That Will Make You Forget the Turkey

Thanksgiving Pie Recipes Ideas

Leftovers: AKA Thanksgiving For Days!

Leftovers get a bad rap.  These recipes make everyone look forward to the next meal of leftovers.

Turkey Soup from Home Ec @ Home


Smoked Turkey Dip from Annie’s Home



Watch the Parade!

Looks like they are planning some version of a Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade this year, but it won’t be the same.

Another idea you might love is watching the parade from 1996!  You can bet your kids will get a kick out of the “old fashioned” things in the parade. And you’ll love the trip down memory lane.


Thanksgiving Crafts and Activities For Family Fun!

Thanksgiving Craftivities from Daily Momtivity:


Ways Teach Your Kids Gratitude

Processed with Snapseed.

Fun & Simple Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids and Adults


Thanksgiving Jokes for Kids

Thanksgiving jokes for kids. If you're worried about the turn Thanksgiving dinner might take with family this year, keep these corny Thanksgiving jokes in your back pocket. You never know when you'll need a laugh to lighten the mood.

Favorite Books To Read On Thanksgiving

Probably our favorite book about Thanksgiving is Turk and Runt.  Such a cute tale about turkeys just trying to make it through the holidays!


Balloons Over Broadway


The Great Turkey Race


This Is The Turkey


Bonus Thanksgiving Tips

16 Ways to Save on Thanksgiving Dinner

November Meal Plan

Peter Walsh on Thanksgiving Cleanup: Awesome ideas for keeping cleanup easy!


11 Things to Do When You’re Alone on Thanksgiving from Quirky Bohemian Mama


With these Thanksgiving ideas at hand, you’ll be ready to celebrate the best Turkey Day yet!

Snuggle up and enjoy a quiet day.  And don’t forget to count your blessings.

What’s your favorite part of Thanksgiving?