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Do you feel like a scatterbrained homemaker? These homemaking blogs are perfect for finding the best tips that will work for your family.

All my life I dreamed of being a stay at home mom.

But when I first married my husband, he wasn’t finished with college yet.  Which meant that I had to be the breadwinner for a while.

We had two baby boys just 16 months apart.  All while I was working and he was doing college and a part time job.

That was one of the hardest parts of my life.  Trying to juggle everything made me feel like I was failing at work, as a mother, and with our home.

And I was so blessed and excited when I was finally able to quit my job!  That happened the same summer that baby #3 came along.

Except that quitting my job wasn’t exactly the magic wand I expected it to be.

Oh believe me, I loved being home with my babies.  But boy was it an adjustment.

I remember sitting down at the computer and searching for help with keeping up with everything.

The first website I came across was Flylady.  It changed my life!

With her baby steps, I was able to create a plan for cleaning the house and organizing our busy lives.  Don’t get me wrong…I didn’t do everything the way she prescribed it.

Hey, my house is a lot different than her’s.  And I bet yours is, too.

We’re moms…we tweak things until they work for us.

But it never hurts to start with someone else’s ideas, right?

Why not let them go through the hard stuff so you can learn from their advice.

Here are some amazing resources for Moms who want to make their house a home.  (Especially when we feel like we can barely juggle it all!)

12 Homemaking Blogs That Will Help You Get It Together

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Medium Sized Family

You may not know that you’ve landed on a blog with some homemaking tips right here!

I’m Jamie, mama of 6 kids, and I’ll level with you…I don’t love spending a lot of time on homemaking.

That’s why I try to make things as efficient as possible.  So I don’t have to spend hours doing things like laundry and cooking dinner.

You can find resources for making laundry easier and getting even the big kids to pitch in on chores.

The first thing you’ll want to do, though, is grab this free homemaker schedule that makes your life so much easier:

The Prudent Homemaker

Brandy’s blog is amazing.  You’ll be impressed by her ability to feed her family of 9 on just $100 for the whole month.

That’s not a typo!  

If you need encouragement and ideas you can use during hard times, this is the perfect blog to read.

You’ll also be amazed by her beautiful photos and lovely gardens.

How does she handle it all?  She sent me this quote to share.

“Getting up before the children each morning helps me to accomplish more each day. Having a daily schedule helps me keep on track with what needs to be done.”

Read more at The Prudent Homemaker.

Pulling Curls

I think that is just the cutest name for a blog!  Hilary will help you untangle pregnancy and home life in no time.

She has some amazing resources to help you get started, including her Organized Home Systems.

Her philosophy on keeping up your home is that “You don’t need to be a certified professional organizer (or hire one) to make systems and daily routines that work for your family!

Visit Pulling Curls to learn more.

Humorous Homemaking

If you’re the kind of gal who doesn’t take life to seriously, Humorous Homemaking is for you.

Forget Pinterest perfect.  Here you’ll only find tried and true ideas that make your homemaking totally doable.

Stacy says, “If it’s not simple, you won’t do it. Keep all your routines as simple as possible.”

Amen, sister!  Those are words I can live by.

Get more from Humorous Homemaking.

The Healthy Home Economist

Are you the kind of mom who can’t get enough research to make sure you’re always feeding your family the healthiest, best possible foods?

Well welcome to The Healthy Home Economist.

Sarah gives you tips on feeding your family the best so they can live a healthy life.  Her book, Traditional Remedies for Modern Families, is a great place to start.

If videos are more your style, she’s got plenty to offer there, too.  The recipes are great, but the shopping lists for things like healthy sleep and detoxification are fascinating!

Check out The Healthy Home Economist.

The Humbled Homemaker

You know how everyone acts like taking your kids to Disney Land (World?  Can’t say I know the difference.) is the be all end all to raising a happy family?

Yeah, I’m not so much in agreement there.

That’s why I just love Erin’s post on why they aren’t taking their kids to Disney.  It’s an awesome perspective that you don’t hear much.

What I love the most about her blog is the feeling of encouragement she gives in every post.

She knows what it is to raise a family on a super low income.  And she’s so relatable.

Her advice?  “When it comes to keeping your home, realize it will never be a perfect process. Do the best you can, pray lots, and give yourself grace. Your children will remember love and laughter more than a sparkling clean home. I would rather a little mess than a stressed-out mama.” ~Erin Odom

Be sure to check out The Humbled Homemaker.  And check out her book More Than Just Making It: Hope for the Heart of the Financially Frustrated.

Fab Working Mom Life

Working Moms still have to keep up with the home, too!

That’s where Julie from Fab Working Mom Life comes in.

She’s got some awesome resources for helping you juggle it all, Super Mom.

Her suggestion?  “Juggling home life and work life is exactly that, something is always in the air to catch and sometimes tasks get dropped. It is important to try to be fully present at work and at home, so we can at least do our best in both settings. It is ok and wonderful to ask for help, whether it is getting a house cleaner every now and then so you can give more attention to the toddler, and getting groceries delivered so you don’t have to do that chore. Moms wear enough hats and it really helps to let someone else wear one or two of ours for a bit :)”

Read more at Fab Working Mom Life.

The Peaceful Mom

Are you looking for ways to add more beauty into your life?  Kimberlee has tons of ideas for helping Moms feel more peace in their days.

(Because how many times have you chanted “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” 200 times while a baby climbs your legs, the phone is ringing, and the pot on the stove is boiling over?  Can’t be just me…)

I love her series on decluttering and she always has ideas for saving on groceries (even if you’re gluten free!).

She shared this advice with me: “My goal as a mom has never been to have a ‘perfect’ home”. I want to find efficient ways to take care of the basics like meals, dishes, laundry and keeping the house reasonably clean because I have learned that when my life is in order, I have time and space for what’s truly important. Sometimes the clean laundry stays in the basket for a while, and that’s okay because I’m spending time with my family.”

Check out The Peaceful Mom.

Mrs. Happy Homemaker

One of my favorite memories is curling up on the love seat after lunch to listen to my Mom read from one of “The Little House On the Prairie” books.

It made me wish I had been born in Laura’s time.  And even today I love to incorporate some of those things into my own home.

Crystal at Mrs. Happy Homemaker has a motto…”Where old fashioned and modern day collide.”

Isn’t that great?!  

If you’re big into making things yourself, she’s got recipes for everything.  Not only delicious foods, but also soap, coffee creamer, laundry detergent, and tons more.

Laura lovers need to head right over to Mrs. Happy Homemaker.

Elizabeth Clare Blog

You’ll love the frugal ways Elizabeth makes her house a home.

I can’t help but think the way she keeps everything is just adorable.

And Catholic moms will appreciate her tips for incorporating feast days with your little ones.

Check it all our at Elizabeth Clare Blog.

Creative Home Keeper

Homemaking BlogsVictoria has a ton of ideas for helping you keep your sanity and keep up with self care as a home keeper.  You’ll enjoy her Biblical encouragement for intentional housekeeping.

She’s also got resources for investing time in your family and marriage.

Check out Creative Home Keeper to read more.

Blessed Simplicity

I don’t know about you, but my car always seems to be a mess.

I’m totally going to borrow Melissa’s “arm’s full” rule and have everyone carry stuff in whenever I park my car.  So simple…so doable.

Get more “why didn’t I think of that” homemaking advice from Blessed Simplicity.

I bet at least one homemaking blog from this list sounds like “home” to you!

Even if you don’t consider yourself a homemaker, you are what makes your house feel like home to your loved ones.  Why not get some help from people who are right there with you?

What’s your favorite homemaking tip?

Get the homemaking tips every housewife needs for simple living. These easy ideas make your house a home. Every stay at home mom should use these tricks to keep the house clean.

Get homemaking tips for housewives with great ideas for simple living. Learn from these homemaking blogs the frugal life.