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Hacks To Do Laundry Faster So It Can Be Over With Already

Ugh…laundry! Luckily, using these laundry hacks makes the job simple… so you can get on to more fun things. (Anything else.)

Remember that one time when you found the bottom of your laundry hamper??

It was an amazing hour, wasn’t it?

(I mean, ewww.  Now you know that you should probably clean the hamper, too.  But hey…empty hamper!!)

You probably even convinced yourself that from now on, things would be different.

Never again will you let that laundry get the best of you.

No, sir!


32 Modern Homesteading Ideas You Need That Will Save Money

If you’re curious about greater self sufficiency, these modern homesteading ideas are perfect for beginners! Get all the how tos for getting started on your homesteading journey, plus advice to help you afford the start up costs.

Homesteading isn’t for everyone, but everyone can implement parts of homesteading into their lives.  Many of us crave a simple life in this busy world!

So today, let’s talk about some big and small modern homesteading ideas you can put into place to make at least some part of your life simpler.

Which parts of this list will help you do more with your own hands?

32 Modern Homesteading Ideas You Need That Will Save Money


When I Hate My House, It’s Time To Do These 3 Things

You can’t stop thinking “I hate my house. I hate my house!” These tips will make your home lovable in no time! (No moving required!)

Have you ever felt like the walls of your home are closing in on you?

Maybe your family has outgrown the starter home you can’t sell.  Or a friend bought a nice new house, and yours suddenly feels old and full of problems.

You may have even just bought a new house yourself, only to regret it the instant you moved in.

No, you can’t buy a new house every time you get the whim to move.  But staying in your current home feels too hard.

Even if you’re in a place where you can’t spend much (or any!) money on your home, you can still find a way to escape those “I hate my house!” thoughts.  In fact, if you do just 3 things, you might find that you enjoy your old home more than ever!


6 Amazing Mom Hacks That Will Make Summer a Breeze

6 Amazing Mom Hacks That Will Make Summer a Breeze

Don’t let summer bucket lists get the best of you. Try these Mom hacks to simplify life so you can focus on what really matters…the best summer yet!

Have you ever tried to create the perfect summer bucket list?  Maybe you’ve made a list that makes you eager to scratch everything off in record time.

Proof that you’re giving your kids the best.summer.ever.

It’s funny how we don’t realize that the simplest things are the ones we enjoy the most until it almost too late.

It’s like that amazing deal you found at the store.  You love it… until a couple years later when you’re carting it out of the house to a donation box, because no one ever used it after all.


12 Homemaking Blogs That Will Help You Get It Together

12 Homemaking Blogs That Will Help You Get It Together

Do you feel like a scatterbrained homemaker? These homemaking blogs are perfect for finding the best tips that will work for your family.

All my life I dreamed of being a stay at home mom.

But when I first married my husband, he wasn’t finished with college yet.  Which meant that I had to be the breadwinner for a while.

We had two baby boys just 16 months apart.  All while I was working and he was doing college and a part time job.

That was one of the hardest parts of my life.  Trying to juggle everything made me feel like I was failing at work, as a mother, and with our home.

And I was so blessed and excited when I was finally able to quit my job!  That happened the same summer that baby #3 came along.

Except that quitting my job wasn’t exactly the magic wand I expected it to be.

Oh believe me, I loved being home with my babies.  But boy was it an adjustment.

I remember sitting down at the computer and searching for help with keeping up with everything.

The first website I came across was Flylady.  It changed my life!

With her baby steps, I was able to create a plan for cleaning the house and organizing our busy lives.  Don’t get me wrong…I didn’t do everything the way she prescribed it.

Hey, my house is a lot different than her’s.  And I bet yours is, too.

We’re moms…we tweak things until they work for us.


Getting Your Family Ready For Fall (Without Busting Your Budget)

Getting Your Family Ready For Fall (Without Busting Your Budget)


Well, school is back in session. 

The other day, I noticed that a heavy wind had left my lawn speckled with leaves (even though it’s only August!).

And I know for a fact that I have friends who have started their pumpkin spice latte habit (and their Halloween decorations are sitting in a tub in the corner of the dining room waiting for midnight to strike on September 1st).

Even a summer lover like me has to face it.  Fall will be here before we know it!  

So today, let’s talk about some budget friendly ways to get your home ready for fall.