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If you’re curious about greater self sufficiency, these modern homesteading ideas are perfect for beginners! Get all the how tos for getting started on your homesteading journey, plus advice to help you afford the start up costs.

Homesteading isn’t for everyone, but everyone can implement parts of homesteading into their lives.  Many of us crave a simple life in this busy world!

So today, let’s talk about some big and small modern homesteading ideas you can put into place to make at least some part of your life simpler.

Which parts of this list will help you do more with your own hands?

32 Modern Homesteading Ideas You Need That Will Save Money

Modern Homesteading Ideas to Try

Here’s a collection of fantastic ideas from simple living bloggers who want to encourage you to live life in a more meaningful way.

Getting Started

Looking for more of an overview to see how you can fit homesteading ideas into your life?  These awesome articles will get the wheels turning in your homesteading journey

1. Anyone can start the simple life right away by embracing parts of minimalism and simple living.  That doesn’t have to mean selling everything and moving into a tiny house!  Here are a few simple ways from Boots and Hooves Homestead to help you get started.

2. Want something a little more advanced?  If you’ve dreamed of owning your own small scale production farm and love the lifestyle of self sufficiency, Country Living in a Cariboo Valley has step by step instructions for finding the money to get started.

3. You may be wondering how in the world you could cut things out of your busy life.  It’s all about priorities!  Whether you enjoy life in the country or consider yourself an urban homesteader, this post from Homespun Seasonal Living can help you set your priorities in your own life.

4. Ready to embrace the full time homesteading lifestyle?  Practical Self Reliance can show you how to earn a full time income even if you live off the grid!

Homesteading for beginners can feel overwhelming! But these ideas will help you learn to DIY even if you live in an urban or small space setting!

How To Find the Money To Start

5. Anyone who wants to live a simple life should embrace frugality.  Use these 50 frugal living tips to get yourself started!

6. Save even more money when you establish the habits that will teach you how to save money every month.

Growing Your Own Food

Most homesteaders dream of growing their own fruits and veggies so the grocery store becomes their own backyard!

7. Start with a plan!  Get step by step ideas for plotting out a vegetable garden here.

8. If you’re intimidated by gardening or just want to start with something small, a raised bed garden might be just for you!  Get 6 different plans here.

9. How much should you grow to feed your family?  Find the answer here!

10. If you love the idea of gardening more, but your back just can’t take all that weeding, lasagna gardening might be perfect for you!

11. Have more success with growing your own sugar snap peas when you take these simple steps to presprout them.

12. Been curious about growing your own black beans?  It’s not as hard as you think!

13. Use cinnamon in your garden to grow better produce.  Really!

14. Trees are a great way to grow food year after year.  Use these tips to plant your own hazelnut tree.

15. Asparagus is another perennial plant that you can grow for super cheap!

16. Composting is a great way to use up scraps from your garden…and prepare to have an even better garden next year!  Get started on your own compost piles with these composting tips for beginners.

17. I have a serious phobia of snakes, so that’s the last thing I want to encounter when I’m gardening.  Luckily, there’s help for that, too!  Learn how to naturally repel snakes.

Cooking From Scratch

You probably already cook several things from scratch.  This week, encourage yourself to make something you had never thought about doing on your own!

18.  Try one of these homemade condiment recipes!

19. Use this list of make ahead recipes to find many things you can make on your own!

20. Making your own bread sounds intimidating.  But you can actually throw together a batch of the most delicious loaf using this recipe for 5 minute artisan bread with almost no effort!

21.  Make homemade oatmeal breakfast bars or baked oatmeal casserole using what you have on hand.

Build Your Pantry

22. A good homesteader saves the produce they raised by canning as much as possible.  You’ll do well if you can avoid the most common canning mistakes.

23. Another way to save food is to dehydrate it.  Those potato flakes you grab from the grocery store can be replicated at home.

Raise Some Animals

24.  Most homesteaders who want to raise livestock start with chickens.  They’re small, affordable, and pretty easy for beginners.  Learn how to order your first flock online!

25.  In fact, chickens can be even more affordable than you think!  Here’s a list of chicken supplies you can find at the dollar store.

26.  Looking forward to that rich, dark yellow yolk in your home grown eggs?  These tips will help!

27.  Already living with chickens?  Kick it up a notch and add a couple of goats!  (Of course, you’ll want to read this one titled What I Wish I Had Known About Getting Goats.)

Make Your Own

28.  Lotion Massage Bars You won’t believe how simple this is to try!  This is a great first home remedy to try.

29.  Pine Resin Salve is good medicine for healing cuts and scrapes.

30.  Here’s a list of 18 things you can make yourself!  You’ll find everything from toothpaste to facial cleanser.

Build Your Homesteading Skills

31.  If you’re serious about getting off the grid, check out this plan for a DIY Portable Laundry Washing Machine!  (This would also come in handy for people who love to camp.)

32.  Make your own strawberry tower so you can grow even more in a small space!

These homesteading ideas for beginners will help you get the frugal skills you need. Whether your goal is a more self sufficient life or you want to raise animals and DIY in your urban area, here you can read how to guides for all of it! #homesteading

These modern homesteading ideas will get you started on the path to a simpler life.

Don’t be overwhelmed by all the new things you can try!  Choose one and see how much fun you can having learning something new.

To some, frugal living is about deprivation.  But in truth, frugality  is all about making the best choices you can with your money.  Know the difference between need and want and you’ll be well on your way!

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Which of these simple living ideas will you try first?

32 Modern Homesteading Ideas You Need That Will Save Money
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32 Modern Homesteading Ideas You Need That Will Save Money
If you're curious about greater self sufficiency, these modern homesteading ideas are perfect for beginners! Get all the how tos for getting started on your homesteading journey, plus advice to help you afford the start up costs.
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