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Don’t let summer bucket lists get the best of you. Try these Mom hacks to simplify life so you can focus on what really matters…the best summer yet!

Have you ever tried to create the perfect summer bucket list?  Maybe you’ve made a list that makes you eager to scratch everything off in record time.

Proof that you’re giving your kids the best.summer.ever.

It’s funny how we don’t realize that the simplest things are the ones we enjoy the most until it almost too late.

It’s like that amazing deal you found at the store.  You love it… until a couple years later when you’re carting it out of the house to a donation box, because no one ever used it after all.

Unlike the beautiful bucket lists on Pinterest, I’m actually not here to make you feel guilty.  

If this is the summer you want to finally teach the kids how to swim and send them off to camps, go for it!  But if you’d rather spend this summer vegging at the house, sleeping in and not really doing much of anything… go for that!

We’ve done both kinds of summers, and they can both be fulfilling and just what you need.

No matter what type of summer you’re going for this year, there are some things that just aren’t worth the stress.  Let’s talk about a few ways you can really take it easy this summer!

6 Amazing Mom Hacks That Will Make Summer a Breeze

That’s right.  Six different ways you can find more time for reading a magazine in the sun.

Moms are so hard on themselves, thinking they have to do everything at all times. I like these ideas for simplifying the little stuff so you can enjoy the big stuff!

After all, wouldn’t you rather relax by the pool with a refreshing drink than…

Slave Over a Hot Stove?

Solution: Grill everything! 

I love grilling for so many reasons.  It doesn’t heat up the kitchen, no leftover smells in the house…and best of all, my Hubby prefers to man the grill.  

(Can you say Mama’s night off??)

The amazing thing is that you have tons of options here!  

Meat is an obvious choice.  But you can also make kabobs, foil wrapped meals, grilled veggies, and enjoy desserts like peaches or cherry cobbler!  (On the grill!)

Clean Up Messes?

Remember when you were a kid and Mom kicked you out of the house all day long?  

Well, you may or may not get away with that now (depending on where you live and the ages of your children).  But we can still borrow some ideas from your dear mother.

Solution: Go outside with the kids.  Yes, out there.  (No, I’m not telling you to sit in the sun in 90 degree heat.)

But why not eat breakfast outside?  Or spend the morning and evening playing out there?

The thing is, when your 5 year old dumps an entire gallon of milk all over your hardwood floors, that’s a terrible mess that requires cleaners and rags.  

But if he does it outside, clean up is as easy as spraying a hose.  

Same for yummy (messy) treats like popsicles and watermelon.

Ditto the mess of toys they always want to dump out but somehow never want to actually play with.

Scrub Baseboards?

Solution: Scruffy hospitality.  If you long to invite some friends over but can’t find the time or money to spruce up the house and buy expensive food, then embrace these words: “scruffy hospitality”.  

It’s the idea that you just have friends over and make do.

So the house isn’t perfectly in order.  

That project you wanted to show off to everyone is only half finished and you haven’t exactly mopped the floor this week.

Do you want to ever see your friends again?  If your buddies are real people, they’ll probably be relieved to find out that things don’t have to be perfect to have a good time.

Hey, maybe someone will bring a hammer and finish that project for you!

Find the Time To Grocery Shop?

Solution: Walmart Grocery Pickup.  Remember those relaxing days when you’d hit the grocery store and leisurely browse the aisles?  

Well, shopping becomes a lot less “leisurely” when you’ve got all the kids in tow.

Unless your idea of a good time is saying, “No, we’re not buying that.” 67 times in an hour, you need to try Walmart Grocery Pickup.

Mom Hack 4: Walmart Grocery Pickup

Fill your cart by clicking the buttons on their website!  It’s a breeze, especially compared to choosing groceries while you convince your kids to stop fighting over who gets to push the cart.

And when you pull up and the employees put the groceries right into the car for you, you are going to feel like a queen!

You can get same day pickup or you can plan ahead and get it three weeks from now.  (Seriously, if you’re that organized please guest post for me and teach me your ways!)

Walmart is adding new stores to their grocery pickup service all the time, so check here to find out if a Walmart near you is participating.

Refill the Toilet Paper?

Solution: Cottonelle Mega Rolls.  Does anyone in your house (besides you) know how to refill the toilet paper?  

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of reaching for the roll… only to find that it’s totally empty.

(Especially unfortunate for me, because I store my extra rolls in the basement.  Small house, lots of kids.)

I guess worse than that would be to invite people over and leave one of your guests hanging out in the bathroom, hoping someone hears her calling you to bring another roll of TP.

Yikes.  Not what I meant when I talked about scruffy hospitality.  😉


So while you’re filling your cart at Walmart (or your virtual cart if you prefer!), be sure to add some Cottonelle Mega Rolls.  Since we’re talking about making your life easier, who wouldn’t want to play the “out of toilet paper” game 4 fewer times per roll??  

Seriously, the Mega Rolls are four times the size of one of those sad regular sized rolls that are always hitting the cardboard center at the wrong time.

Our family is serious about saving money.  

But when we got married, my Hubby made it clear that there were three things he wasn’t willing to compromise.  He wanted name brand garbage bags, mayonnaise, and toilet paper.  

I don’t think that’s asking too much, even in our #yearofno.

We love our Cottonelle!  (I think it’s the ripples.)


Cutting Coupons?

Solution: Ibotta.  I’m going to admit a terrible secret.  In fact, I’ll probably be kicked out of the money saving parent community for it.  😉  

I’m not even trying to keep up with paper coupons this summer.  

I just don’t need the stress of paper scraps flying everywhere and pulling out the perfect coupon only to find that it’s expired.


Don’t worry, you can save money even if you skip the coupons.  Just open your Ibotta app and you’ll find plenty of rebates for things you were going to buy anyway.

If you haven’t tried Ibotta yet, you should!  It’s one of my favorite ways to make my smart phone pay for itself.  You get instant rebates on things you buy (even produce and milk!).

Click here to try Ibotta…it’s totally free!

These Mom hacks will make your summer what it’s supposed to be…enjoyable!

Say it with me, Mama… A simple summer is the best summer!  Save your time and energy for the things that matter most.

If you like keeping things simple, you’ll love these easy ideas for raising your family!

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How are you simplifying this summer?

These mom hacks are the best way a stay at home mom can keep her sanity this summer. Lifehacks for busy moms and the mom life. #momhacks